Weather Wednesday – Severe Weather

Hello my friends and new friends who are reading the blog. This Weather Wednesday I’m going to talk about severe weather events in general.
If you have ever gone to a weather spotting training sessionsevere weather is the main point of discussion, particularly the summer severe weather. It is the most dangerous time of the year for it to occur and yet the weather is warm enough that we can shed long sleaves and long pants.
Generally on a day when severe weather is predicted the weather is usually very warm or hot hazy and humid. The day will start out sunny and the clouds will roll in some time in the afternoon at around 2:00 or so. Sometimes thunderstorms will pop up dew to day time heating and that is another thing to be aware of, while venturing outside.
Around either late morning or early in the afternoon there may be a severe thunderstorm watch issued and that could be for a couple of hours or more. If the situation escalates to a severe thunderstorm warning, you should:
take cover when you hear thunder, make sure you are in a structure, like a building or vehicle with a metal roof. There are multiple Wikipedia articles on severe weather outbreaks and they all have what I said in common above.
Of course, if a tornado hits just go into the lowest place in your apartment or house and hope that you will be spared somewhat. Of course, if you are caught outside just go to a low area and cover your head to avoid flying debris. First and formost, when thunder roars, get yourself inside as soon as possible. If you can hear it you are at risk of being struck by lightning.
There was a news story yesterday, about 4 people playing golf who were all struck by lightning in Greater Toronto Area, where I live. I personally think that if you are an out doors person you should own a Weather Radio or two, so you can be better prepared for if and when thunder roars. It also wouldn’t hurt to attend a weather spotter training session in your local area and if you have a smart phone, there are apps which can provide you with up-to-date weather alerts. I always have a Weather Radio with me where ever I go now and it is usually one of the newer SAME radios or my BC346XT scanner. Since they can open up to both SAME and 1050 Hz tone you can use them as a WX radio. All though, Uniden doesn’t really recommend using it as a main receiver for WX alerts. I sometimes do and I make sure I prepare before going out, especially this time of year and in winter.
Well, that is this weeks post. Any comments? Just email me at or you can comment here, somewhere.


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