June 25, 2014

Hi and welcome to another Weather Wednesday. This week I’m going to try and talk about those who chase storms as best I can. Despite that I follow some of them on Twitter I am almost clueless as to how it is done or why they actually do it. I should point out that I do admire their bravery to actually dice with danger because the weather doesn’t show any real mercy on us, despite what we may think. It just is what it is and that’s all we have.
For one thing, can you imagine a blind guy actually chasing a tornado or a very severe thunderstorm? I would think it would be impossible without ending up very badly injured or maybe dead.
Another thing to consider is that 100 percent of these people actually drive. Obviously I can’t so, that is that. Then again, with driverless cars on the way, maybe I could get into the fun or danger of chasing storms some day. For now, I am just as happy with my WX Radio on standby, sounding the alarm when a severe thunderstorm or tornado watch or warning is issued.
Well, unfortunately that isn’t much but that’s all I could think of for this Wednesday’s post.


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