Weather Wednesday – Heat Waves I Remember

Hi folks and welcome to another Weather Wednesday. This is my first blog post for July 2014 and it’s the time of year when heat waves are common. Whitch heat wave do you remember the most?
I can remember a couple of summers which were particularly hot and for the most part, consistently so.
In 1988 it was like that but it took a while for it to become hot. During late June and early July it felt almost springlike. Temperatures only climbed to the high teens or low 20s during the day and temperatures even dipped below 10 degrees Celsius at night. Some area’s even had a risk of frost forecasted but I don’t know if any frost formed.
During a week long warm-up temperatures clined to around 38 degrees Celsius or 101°F by the time a cold front cooled things off to more comfortable temps.
During most of the rest of that summer it was more of the same, with a couple of breaks here and there. Then, around the middle of August it cooled off for good and it rained. That was another marker of that summer and the year in general! The spring started out wet and cool and eventually became warm and dry, by the time June rolled around.
During July and August, the weather was dry and it didn’t rain that much. When it began to cool off the rain eventually started falling and that fall it was wet and cool.
In more recent memory the 2011 heat wave stands out for me. This was the summer that on July 21st Environment Canada issued a “Weather Warning,” for the first time in a long time in my memory. This was also the first one issued while Weatheradio Canada had Specific Area Message Encoding. I actually thought it was another watchdog event happening with Weatheradio Canada, until I heard the canned message about a severe weather bulletin for the listening area. I also realized that my handheld Weather Radio was active. It doesn’t usually go off during a watchdog event but it did make the siren sound I would hear if it happened.
During that week it had been progressively warmer each day for about 5 or 6 days and once again, Toronto hit 38 degrees Celsius and that day, there were severe thunderstorm watches and warnings for all sorts of places in Ontario, along with the generic weather warning issued that day. I remember it because I managed to take a trip outside Toronto for a couple of hours and I had heard it on Weatheradio Canada transmitters in: Collingwood, Orillia and Rosseau.
If you would like to refresh your memory about the 2011 heat wave here is the Wikipedia page.
Well, that’s this weeks post about the weather. If you do get a heat warning, please be safe and try and stay hydrated if possible.


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