Simpsons Sunday – Counting Down

Hi folks. It’s another Simpsons Sunday and today, we are counting down to the premier of Season 26. Unfortunately we have to get a couple of deaths out of the way, before we can get into the meat of this weeks post.

Comedy and Hollywood has lost two big names this week:Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. The latter was referenced on the Season 3 episode Like Father, Like Clown. Krusty is saying grace in Hebrew and Hoamer says “he’s talking funny talk.” Lisa tells him that Krusty must be jewish. She then names names such as: Lauren Bacall, Dinah shore, William Shatner and Mel Brooks. Homer then says “Mel Brooks is jewish?” Then Krusty breaks down and thinks about his estranged Father and tells the Simpson family and Milhouse about how he didn’t want Krusty to become a clown. If you would like to watch this episode, it and the rest of Season 3 are on iTunes.

In Robin Williams’s case, he was referenced but never a guest star. It’s too bad, because he would have been great on the show, with his many voices he has done throughout his career, during his comedy routines and movies and TV shows such as Mork and Mindy.

Let us not forget that his mentor was the late great Jonathan Winters, who is a native Ohioan like Nancy Cartwright who voices Bart, Nelson, Wralf Wiggum and others on The Simpsons. She mentions working with Jonathan in her book My Life As A 10-Year-Old Boy and you can find it in both text and audiobook form on iTunes.
Okay, now that we have that out of the way let’s have some fun. Let’s try and predict what will happen this coming season on The Simpsons in the form of logical questions and comments. It will be interesting if Marge does open a sandwich franchise and how it will either succeed or fail. Will Bart’s new teacher be a bully or a cool teacher like Mr. Bergstrom?

Will Homer finally get rich and buy something for the family? or will he spend all the money on Duff Beer? Will Barney try to become sober again and fly a plane or helicopter? Will Lisa finally find her true love and will it stick this time?

Will Nelson protect Bart from a potential bully for a teacher? Will he stil beat up Milhouse? Will Krusty attempt suicide after retiring, again? Will Moe kick Barney out of Moes Tavern for drinking too much beer and not being able to pay for his tab?
Will Principal Skinner be fired again because of something Bart does? Will Maggie finally speak in full sentences, with her first one being “Homer, where’s my damn pacifier?” Will Kent Brockman be fired for saying something particularly controversial during one of his newscasts? Will Ralph Wiggum be taken to the hospital after eating something he shouldn’t? Will Ms. Hoover finally scold Ralph for his odd Behavior and make him cry?

Will Selma and Principal Skinner finally get together and start dating? Will their hobby of Ham Radio be further explored and will they start communicating using two-way handy talkies or bass radios?
I would like to see that because I am a licensed Ham.
Will Ned Flanders find his next possible love of his life this season? Will Homer finally return some of the things he stole from Ned?

Will Frank Grimes Jr show up again and try to attempt to kill Homer?

There are a lot of possibilities of things that could happen this season but will they? It’s hard to say but I’m sure the writers have ideas already set in motion and we will just have to wait. I’m still hoping that Slipknot will guest star as a group with or without masks on or indivituallly unmasked. If they do manage to get on the show, they will be the only characters I have met in real life, as I have stated in an earlier post.

If you have noticed I haven’t mentioned any character deaths. There will be one coming up this season and I refuse to speculate on who it could be. It would be nice to get a spoiler but I don’t think it will happen. All though I would like it because the night of the premier I will be dedicating that Simpsons Sunday post to the character in question. However I’m not expecting to be told who will die and I will not speak about the character death until September 28th.
Congratulations to Harry Shearer for finally winning an Emmy for voicing Mr. Burns. Obviously, this won’t change anything as far as which character will die but I am glad that all 6 main cast members have won an Emmy for voicing a character on The Simpsons.
As usual to end each Simpsons Sunday post, I recommend checking out Chris Ladesma’s blog. He is the Music Editor for The Simpsons and has been since day 1.
I also recommend checking out Yeardley Smith’s blog at
I should also mention Marchez Vous, which is her women’s shoe designer company, which she started earlier in the decade. You can check out their website at
For some strange reason everyone I know hasn’t heard of them yet. Hopefully I can change that.
You can also comment here or you can email me at and I will reply as soon as I can to all messages I receive. I would much prefer getting an email so I can reply directly to you, but that’s just me.
One final thing to mention is that you can follow Simpsons Executive Producer Al Jean on Twitter and his Twitter handle is @AlJean.
He has ran the show since Season 13 and has ran it during Seasons 3 and 4.
Anyway, that is it for this weeks post. Talk to you again in a couple of weeks. I’m going to take some time off from my blogs to recharge the batteries.


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