Hi there and welcome to another post in my blog. Today I’m going to talk about iOS 8 and how I have adapted or rather, had to adapt to it. I am going to probably say some things here that relate to my blind Twitter followers and blind people in general, who use an Apple device.

Since last Thursday I have upgraded from iOS 7.12 to the new iOS 8 but did not buy any of the new iPhones, when they were released on Friday. I have one of the newer iPhones which has a memory capacity, which allows for the new iOS 8 software. It takes up quite a bit of memory and the older iPhones are probably going to be either left on iOS 7.12 by people who own them, such as the iPhone4 and 4S. They may also be discarded for a newer model, if it has finally become too slow to work with in certain apps. Now I am happy I had to upgrade early in retrospect, because of this new update.

I will start with the update itself! I waited on purpose, to update it the next morning after it was released on Wednesday September 17th. Last year I upgraded on the day of the release of iOS 7 and I couldn’t install it right away, until the next morning. I’m not sure why this was but I didn’t want to repeat history again.

So, I have now updated my device or rather, devices. I say devices because I now have an iPod touch as well as an iPhone. I have my reasons for that which I will not share here. If you would like to know why, just send me an email and I’ll tell you.

Anyway, now they’re updated and we are ready to update the devices themselves. This includes updating the voices for voice over and making sure everything is set the way I want to, from location settings to how I am alerted by various apps. To be honest it was not quite as easy as it should’ve been because somethings weren’t allowing me to be accessed. For example: on my iPod touch I could not access The Internet because it wouldn’t recognize my iCloud password. Hmmm, pretty strange but also quite frustrating. I had to go to the Apple Store to get that rectified and voilà, they helped me and I was therefore able to help myself the rest of the way with both the iPhone and the iPod touch. Actually, I’m getting ahead of myself because the next day was equally frustrating.

The rest of my Thursday was spent working on both the iPhone and the iPod touch. I also began to explore some of the new options in the accessibility feature. I found to my horror that the quality of the voice was degraded somewhat and I have problems using my Bluetooth keyboard. This is the same keyboard I bought into thousand 12, when I had bought my first iPhone. This was meant to help me type emails and everything else which requires text, faster than I could using the touchscreen. I would also use it for copying and pasting text from emails and on occasion, the Internet. However, I can no longer do that anymore. Some of the keys are no longer functional on my Bluetooth keyboard. Hay, at least I can still type. Unfortunately the voiceover cuts out and comes back in again, thus requiring the phone to keep typing a character or a whole bunch of spaces continuously until I lock the phone and unlock it again and I have to erase the word along with the unwelcome holding on a character or the space bar by the phone. You can imagine how it feels, when you are in the middle of typing a sentence, when the voice over decides to cut out and restart the phone again. Even working on the blog has become a problem, because of the update and the probable bugs in the system. To somewhat rectified the voice quality boondoggle, I would ask Siri to turn voiceover off and then back on. For some reason it works and I don’t know why but hey, at least it works.

On Friday I was messing around and was curious to find out what a brail display was like. I can read both grades 1 and 2 brail and I wanted to feel what it was like on the iPhone. I don’t know what I did but I had disabled my voice and all I ccould do was use Siri. That was okay but I couldn’t respond to tweets or text messages. So, off I went to the Apple Store and once again, they fixed it for me, by reseting all settings. I spent the better part of an hour doing the rest of what I had to do, to set the iPhone the way I wanted it. This also allowed me to back up both the iPhone and my iPod Touch. The process of backing up both devices takes longer with iOS 8 because of how much memory it requires. I found that out today, when I went to where I knew they had free Wifi which I could use.

I have also been given new apps which I don’t need, such as iMovies. I have no intention of using it but I keep getting updates for it in the App Store. I think that may have been the problem with the voice quality but I’m not sure.

Anyway, as of the time I am writing this, I am using Siri and my Apple keyboard and the iPhone is behaving as I had explained earlier. However, I am still continuing to type, despite this.

If you like what I am saying or if you disagree with me you can reply here or send me an email at and I will respond if I feel it is required. I am certainly looking forward to updates to this and any and all bug fixes.


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