My Adventures With iOS 8 Continued

Hi there. This is another post on my adventures with the new iO S 8 software from Apple. If you read my post on Saturday you know I recently updated it to my iPhone and my iPod touch and I mentioned having problems with the update at various points.
I mentioned not being able to use my Bluetooth keyboard, which I had bought into thousand 12. It has always served me well up until now and this is because of the new iOS 8 software. It has taken away the ability for every key to work properly. For example: I can no longer control the volume, speech rate, copy and paste, etc. from my Bluetooth keyboard to my phone. This has hampered my ability to compose emails and even this blog. I now have to use my touchscreen or dictation and to say it’s frustrating is an understatement. When I can actually write something using the keyboard every few seconds it looks for other devices which use Bluetooth including my iPod touch, for some strange reason. I have no intention of pairing my iPod touch with my iPhone nor vice versa. I don’t understand why Apple has done this but I don’t like it and that is why I am composing this entry in the blog today. I should also mention that I still have the occasional problem of voice quality degradation. This is also a result of my iPhone or Bluetooth looking for other devices. This happens when I either right with the keyboard or use the touchscreen to compose something and I correct the problem the same way I discussed in the last post about this issue. What happens is when I am writing something it automatically switches off and restarts by saying “voiceover on” and either the voice quality is the same or it has degraded somewhat. It is not very helpful if you’re trying to write something either in a blog or to compose an: email, text message, etc, if your iPhone is your end all be all device and this keeps happening.

The good news is that the problem with my Bluetooth keyboard was resolved on its own but only for a few minutes. Now, it is the way I have described it , with various buttons being disabled by the new iOS 8 software. I have heard that there was a patch that was supposed to be issued yesterday but apparently a A lot of people didn’t like it and they went on social media saying “no, don’t update quote” and Apple took it down after an hour. Frankly, I’m pissed because maybe this new update would have resolved my problem with voice over and Bluetooth combined. Shame on those people who demanded that Apple take the new iOS 8.001 down. I sincerely hope that when the next patch is introduced this does not happen again and hopefully, my issues discussed above will be resolved and I can get back to composing as normal.

Otherwise, my iPhone and my iPod touch are working okay with no problems whatsoever. Once again, I hope that Apple can continue to strive for excellence in all their products, whether they are connected to Bluetooth or not.


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