Simpsons Sunday – Simpson’s Guy

Hi there and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. For those of you who are reading my blog for the first time, my name is Gord and I have been totally blind since birth. This should help to explain why my blog is called Blindgordies Blog. I have been doing this since late November and I love it, especially since I use an iPhone and an app to do this.

Last week, since I discussed the Simpson’s premier episode Clown In The Dumps, this week I’m going to talk about the Simpsons and Family Guy crossover episode Simpson’s Guy, which also aired on September 28 as an hour-long episode.

Okay, let’s start from the beginning and be honest that it really was inevitable at some point that the two shows would come together in a crossover episode. Really, don’t you think the similarities are there? Let’s face it, the two shows are different in that Family Guy has more of an edge to it than The Simpsons. On the other hand, the two families are very similar in that the families consist of: a mother, father, three kids and a dog. Although, the Simpsons have been seen with their cat named Snowball. All though he doesn’t appear in this episode, when Meg says when she feels down she sometimes beats up a cat. Oh, don’t forget The Simpsons family dog Santa’s Little Helper and the Griffin’s anthropomorphic dog Brian, who speaks in Seth MacFarlane’s own speaking voice. Sometimes I wish that Matt Groening had decided to voice a main character on The Simpsons! However, he doesn’t and well, that’s okay. Oh, another reason I think that this happened is because both shows are on the Fox Network. It’s just my theory but don’t quote me on it. Also, I’m not buying that the two shows have a rivalry between them. In fact, I have heard and I also believe, that both Matt Groening and Seth MacFarlane are good friends. It’s kind of like the so-called rivalry between the Beatles and the Rolling Stones in the 60s and not so much like the Blur and Oasis all out war in the 90s. Another thing to keep in mind is that some characters from The Simpsons and Family Guy have crossed over to each others shows on occasion too. Also, Seth MacFarlane has also guest starred on the Simpsons Season 24 finale Dangers On A Train and actor James Woods has lent his voice to both shows and appears in this episode too.

Now, as for the children of the two families, the Griffin’s have a daughter Meg, a son Chris and their one-year-old prodigy Stewie. The Sympsons have three children: Bart, Lisa and Maggie. All three kids were paired up with each other from both the Griffin’s and The Simpsons. Meg was paired up with Lisa, Bart was paired up with Stewie and Chris was Kinda sort of paired up with Maggie. Although you can also say that Chris and Brian were both paired up with Santa’s Little Helper at times. Particularly when Marge told Brian to take Santas Little Helper for a walk and Brian try to encourage that stupid dog to be more independent.

In the case of the matriarch in the patriarch of both families, they were paired off with each other too. Homer Simpson was paired with Peter Griffin and Marge Simpson was paired with Lois Griffin. In all cases it showed how similar each character is to each other and their dissimilarities as well. For example: Stewie is much more evil and sociopathic, while Bart is only mischievous. When Bart showed Stewie how to make a crank call it was in typical Bart fashion by calling Moe at Moe’s Tavern and using a funny name in this case, it was Lee Keybum or leaky bum. Stewie, of course thought it was the coolest thing he ever heard and when he tried it he said that Moe’s sister was being raped. I don’t know what Bart’s reaction to it was because it was probably visual. However, near the end of the episode bar told Stewie that he was freaked out by Stewie’s actions such as: kidnapping and torturing Nelson and his other nemeses on The Simpsons including Apu, for scatological humor, just because Stewie wanted to say “I take a poo.” That last one Bart thought was funny but everything else wasn’t as much to him and his last words to Stewie were “later dude” and at the end of the episode Stewie runs up to his room and cries.

I think what Lisa did for Meg was a nice gesture, by letting her play and giving her her saxophone. Although, Peter throws it away at the end of the episode because he says there is no room in the car for it. It was also kind of nice that Lisa tried to help Meg feel like she actually mattered in this world because she always feels very awkward as a teenager.

Meanwhile, Chris is his usual moronic self and acts goofy as usual. Especially when Brian tries to get out of losing Santas Little Helper by going into the kitchen and barking like a dog and Chris decides to do the same thing, which almost ruined it for Brian, as he was trying to fake Santa’s Little Helper’s presence in the kitchen by talking normal and barking like a dog. Chris also barks and says “we’re creating a braud story.” This is because Brian tried to encourage the Simpson’s family dog to be more independent and so, Santa’s Little Helper runs away and shows up just before the Griffin family is about to leave. .

Meanwhile, Marge and Lois go to see a movie and Homer and Peter try to find the griffins family car. Eventually they find it when Hans Moleman runs over Peter with it. this is quite possibly the turning point in the episode because Peter decides to give Homer a gift in the form of Pawtucket patriot and Homer doesn’t like it because it tastes like a rip off of Duff beer. This changes the friendship between Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin in that Peter is taken to court by the makers of Duff beer and this has legal ramifications because Peter works for The brewery. Eventually to Peter’s chagrin, Judge Fred Flintstone fines in favor of duff and this furthers the rift between the Simpsons and the griffins, which was started earlier. It is especially apparent when Homer and Peter begin to fight and well, the fight itself seems to go on forever.

Eventually Homer and Peter stop fighting and kiss and make up, sort of. They choose to stay a half an hour away from each other with a pile of garbage between them.

That is just some of what happened in the hour-long episode and being a fan of The Simpsons, I like it. I must admit that I don’t understand Family Guy as much as I do the Simpsons but I have downloaded that episode and Life Of Brian onto my iPhone. I also felt that the two shows have similar types of characters in not just personality but invoice as well. For example, Stewie kind of reminds me of Mr. Burns as far as the voice goes and Peter Griffin almost reminds me of Lenny. everything else on Family Guy stands on its own in the humor and how the cutaways are inserted. Also from what I can tell, this episode brought out the strongest points of all the characters in both shows and to me, that was just as important as anything else involved with the story.

Something else I thought was cool was that the band Def Leppard allowed the song Poor Some Sugar On Me to Be Used in this episode. It Wasn’t the Original and It Sounded like a Newly Recorded Version of the Song but That Was Cool.I applaud: Seth MacFarlane, Al Jean, James L. Brooks and Matt Groening for allowing this to happen. I’ve heard there may not be a sequel to this but if there is, maybe the Simpsons can come to Quahog and they can get a taste of what the griffins live with in their town. I don’t know if it’ll happen but I guess we’ll see.

Now we have a death to announce in the Simpsons family. No, not the main Simpson family or any of the characters. It’s actress Jen hooks, who voiced Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon, Who is the wife of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon and first voiced the character in the episode The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilon’s in season 9. Outside the Simpsons she was best known for her work on Saturday Night Live. She voiced the character from 1997 to 2002, when she was replaced by Tress MacNeille, who is still one of the main supporting voice cast of The Simpsons today.

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One more thing before I end this weeks post, I would like to say happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians and to my American friends, happy Columbus Day tomorrow. Anyway, that is it for this weeks post. Talk to you again on Weather Wednesday.


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