Why Queen Rock My World Pt. 2

Hi there and welcome to another post on my blog. today, I’m going to continue on with an entry I posted a few weeks ago about the rock band Queen and why they rock my world. This time, I have some questions I would like to ask them. I don’t know if I’ll get any answers from them but at least I’m trying. Obviously, these questions have been bubbling around my head ever since I posted that particular blog entry. Hopefully I can get at least some answers to these questions in time. Until then, here are my questions to the band Queen and those on The inside.

My first set of questions are about queen and the releases on CD of all the back catalogue in 1991, when they signed with Hollywood records. Obviously I am very happy that all the previous albums before The Works were released on CD for the first time. But, there are things that still bother me to this day of why certain things are the way they are on the newly remastered versions at that time.

On the cassette tape Versions of all the albums, why were most of the Hollywood bonus remixes included on them? I must be honest and say that I didn’t buy all of the albums on cassette but on the ones that I did, I did notice that there was a lot of space left on side one, after the last song on that side. It was about one or two songs deep into side to, before the tape would run to the end and you could turn it over to side 2. Why? This did not and still doesn’t make sense to me to this day. If the Hollywood bonus remixes and the occasional bonus track were put on CD only, then it would make more sense. Don’t you think? This has resulted in some of the foolish editing of certain songs which were released on CD for the first time and I mentioned all of them in the last entry on this topic. I am most certainly happy that all of the original albums were restored and brought back as they were meant to be heard, on the 2011 deluxe releases. This obviously hasn’t affected both the albums Innuendo and Made In heaven because they were released during and after the releases of the bands back catalog.

Also, why were there remixes of songs in the first place? Couldn’t they have included some besides and outtakes like they did on the 2011 deluxe releases? I will grant you that the band wanted to hold stuff back for later and obviously, a lot of good stuff was included on the 2011 deluxe releases of all of the albums. But, I think that would’ve made more sense and this would probably have not resulted in some of the stupid editing that has occurred on the songs I mentioned in the last entry.

on the subject of live albums, why wasn’t the album Live Magic released along with the rest of the studio and live albums at the time? I was looking for it for almost a year, until I just gave up, when Live Wembley 86 was released in June 1992. Then in 1994 I found out it was available, albeit as an import and went out and bought it. If I had known that it would be released in North America in 1996, I probably would’ve waited a little longer for it. What was the hold up?

I am also grateful that a lot of early live material being released as well but there are some live gem’s which I have heard on some radio stations from time to time, that I would like to own on CD or as a digital download. For example: there is a live version of the fast Version of we Will Rock You which is been played on the radio, when radio stations use Queen as a live concert feature. Strangely, it sounds more like a studio version then a live version because it sounds very polished. My guess is that it was recorded on a BBC session or something. I hope that at some point down the road queen release another BBC album, much like the one that was released in 1989 in the UK and in 1995 here in North America and the rest of the world. Maybe it will be released on a boxed set at some point.

I also have some questions on compilation albums and why there aren’t some that are released right now. On the compilation Queen Rocks, there is a song called No one But You: (Only The Good die young) included on it. The song is obviously much more of a ballad than a rocker and on the face of it, it doesn’t make sense. Why on this compilation? Why not release a compilation that would be more suited to it? Or, just release it as a single in the UK and let it wait in North America until Queen Greatest Hits three in 1999?

Will there hopefully be a B sides and remix album released at some point? I think that would be pretty cool because for the first time, I would get to own the remix of Machines, which appeared as the B side to the 7 inch single I Want To Break Free. Apparently it was released on a 12 inches compilation released in 1992, but I didn’t know about it until I read about it on Wikipedia 20 years later.

On iTunes here in North America and specifically Canada, why aren’t all of the Queen albums available? Yes, all of the studio and live albums are available on iTunes for purchase and download in Canada, but not all of the compilations are. For example: there are some compilations which were released specifically in North America which aren’t available on iTunes even in Canada. The Classic Queen compilation released in 1992 is nowhere to be found and neither is the Queen Rocks compilation or Queen Greatest Hits three or the full version of Absolute greatest. I say that because this album is available as a partial album and the same is true with the video version of it. Why is that? Most of these packages have alternate versions of some of the songs and because they aren’t available you can’t find them on iTunes. For example: on Classic Queen there is an alternate version of Under Pressure, which really isn’t that different from the original version but you can hear the guitar more and the vocals are much more emphasized in that the mix sounds more like it was recorded in the early 90s.

Also, the song Tie Your Mother Down appears on both the compilations Queen Rocks and Classic Queen, without the long beginning which appears on A Day At The Races, going right into the guitar riff. if those two compilations were released on iTunes in North America, we would have pretty much everything that is available on CD. of course, we mustn’t forget about Queen Greatest Hits 3 as well, which includes yet another version of Under Pressure.

This also begs the question, why isn’t the compilation The Platinum Collection available on iTunes in North America? All the albums including the three CD box set or released in North America but not as a digital download. Why? I think it would be pretty cool to own all of these compilations in my iTunes library and if they were available, I would download them in a heartbeat provided I had enough money in my iTunes account at the time.

I am hoping that the new album Queen Forever will be released both physically and as a digital download on iTunes on November 10 and of course, if it is available I will get it. I have heard bits and I think it is a very interesting compilation, although it does focus on the Balids and I much prefer the hard rocking Queen sound. However, this isn’t bad either because of the new material coming out. The one song I have heard so far is Let Me In Your Heart Again and it isn’t bad. It was taken from The Works era but there are no drum machines or synthesizers on the song. It’s a shame that it wasn’t released back then. Maybe it would’ve helped to keep Queen popular here in North America, when it was waning, thanks to Hot Space, which was released in 1982. The question is, would it have fit on The Works? Well, maybe not.

Anyway, those are some questions I had wanted to put out there for a while about all things related to Queen. Hopefully the answers will come out in time on Wikipedia or other places. Actually, all of the questions I have posted here are because of none of the answers being available on Wikipedia.

Well, that’s it for today’s entry in the blog. If you would like to get in touch with me, just send me an email at blindgordie@gmail.com and I will get back to you.


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