Weather Radio Listeners Newsletter Issue 13 Pt. 2

Hi and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday post. No, this isn’t a Weather Wednesday entry but it looks like it could be one, eh?

In the last 3 issues of my Weather Radio Listeners Newsletter I have included material about episodes of The Simpsons, which have weather as a plot device and I will lay them out here and what issue they appeared in and it will be in episode airing order.

Mr. Plow (Issue 13), Hurricane Nedy (Issue 12) Skinners Sense Of Snow (Issue 13) and The Changing Of The Guardian (Issue 11). All of these episodes represent weather events sparking either a life change or rather odd actions. An example of the latter is when the demonic blizzard hits Springfield in Skinners Sense Of Snow, Homer’s repeated gunning of the Engine of the car that him and Ned Flanders are in, causes them to hallucinate. Also, it makes the kids at Springfield elementary school become rowdy and Principal Skinner becomes much like an army commander, ruling them with an iron fist, among other things that all 4 episodes have included that the weather in Springfield has made the characters do.

I first discussed The Simpsons in the 9th issue, just after Marcia Wallace died. I had been thinking about how to insert it into the newsletter, ever since I had become a Simpsons nut in June 2013, just before completing Iuue 8. It would be cool if someone who is a part of the current cast or crew of The Simpsons decides to join the mailing list. I am always holding out hope for a miracle!

Anyway, I just wanted to put The Simpsons in the newsletter to try and attract people who may not be into Weather Radio but are Simpsons fans. The show hasn’t mentioned NOAA Weather Radio directly, but weather has been a plot device that has been used well by the writers. If anyone from The Simpsons cast and crew are reading this and would like to join the mailing list for my newsletter, they can email me at and I will send out all 13 issues to them and anyone, who would like to be put on the mailing list. I am always looking for new people to join and I’ll except anyone, as long as they have any interest in Weather Radio at all. Maybe one day we may hear something that sounds like NOAA Weather Radio on The Simpsons. I’m sure that any of the voice actors are quite capable of doing a voice similar to the current NOAA Weather Radio voices. The question is, would they ever mention it directly or in a parity, like they did with ham radio, Apple or Siri? My answer is it is hard to say. I guess time will tell

Oh, here is a link to my website, which also has some of the issues of the newsletter. It was put together by a friend of mine, who can do more than I can do. He is also the Co-Editor of the newsletter and has been from day 1.

On a sad note, I wish to give my own condolences to the family of actor/ director/ standup comedian Mike Nichols, who passed away on Wednesday evening at the age of 83. He has given us many movies such as: The Graduate and The Birdcage. Both of which has a Simpsons tie in.

In the case of The Graduate, a suduction seen was parity on the episode Lisa’s Substitute, when Mrs. Krabappel was trying to seduce the substitute teacher Mr. Berkstrom. Both the seen in the movie and the episode starred or guest starred Dustin Hoffman, as the voice of Mr. Bergstrom in the episode and as one of the characters in the movie. The Birdcage had Hank Azaria as one of the actors in it, playing the feminine male character Spartacus. Thank you Mike for all your movie work and your work with Elaine May in the comedy duo Nichols and May. Without whom, we may not have had Second City TV or maybe even Monty Python.

Tonight is the musical episode Cover Craft, which will feature Sammy Hagar and Will Forte as guest stars. It should be interesting to also meet Sideshow Mel’s family too. I am looking forward to downloading it for myself tomorrow.

As usual to end each Simpsons Sunday post, I recommend checking out Chris Ladesma’s blog. He is the Music Editor for The Simpsons and has been since day 1.
I also recommend checking out Yeardley Smith’s blog at
I should also mention Marchez Vous, which is her women’s shoe designer company, which she started earlier in the decade. You can check out their website at
For some strange reason everyone I know hasn’t heard of them yet. Hopefully I can change that.
You can also comment here or you can email me at and I will reply as soon as I can to all messages I receive. I would much prefer getting an email so I can reply directly to you, but that’s just me.
One final thing to mention is that you can follow Simpsons Executive Producer Al Jean on Twitter and his Twitter handle is @AlJean.
He has ran the show since Season 13 and has ran it during Seasons 3 and 4.
Anyway, that is it for this weeks post. Talk to you again on Weather Wednesday.


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