Riding The Weather Roller Coaster

Hi and welcome to another Weather Wednesday. I hope you survived the temperature swings in the past couple of days, especially in Central Canada and the Northern and Northeastern US. We had some pretty crazy winds blowing and it also rained a bit too, melting the snow. This was obviously a problem for our friends in Buffalo, who have had to deal with a record snow fall for this time of year.

Actually, I wasn’t really surprised at the snow that came down in that part of North America because it happens every year the winter is predicted to be colder than normal and it has always happened on those years. Sometimes a little thundersnow has occurred and well, I’m surprised that it didn’t happen this time. Maybe it did but I hadn’t heard about it.

In the past couple of days Southern Ontario and Western New York has had to deal with a welcomed mild spell for a couple of days on Sunday and Monday, that actually started on Saturday. The weather started to change from the colder than normal pattern we have been in to a milder pattern on Saturday morning, with some freezing rain in some places and plain rain in others. As I write this, we have just endured a day or so of mild temps with both rain and wind. The wind has been rather gusty and it even rattled my windows. I actually live in a bit of a wind tunnel so walking in this wind should be a piece of cake but it isn’t. When the winds get this strong to warning criteria I get a bit nervous that they will blow down a pole, such as a bus stop or a telephone pole.

Thankfully, the winds have died down but we are back into the cold temperatures again, after basking in wet but warm weather, with temperatures going as high as about 18 or 64. Now we are back below seasonal again and well, I don’t like it. But hay, Christmas is coming.

On a totally unrelated and sad note, I wish to give my condolences to the friends and family of former hockey: player, coach and general manager Pat Quinn who passed away on Sunday at the age of 71. He coached my favorite hockey team The Toronto Maple Leafs from 1998 to 2006, where he guided them to to Eastern conference finals and beat the Ottawa Senators 4 times in: 2000, 2001 2002 and 2004. I think his greatest accomplishment in hockey was guiding the men’s Canadian Olympic team to a gold medal in the 2oo2 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. Anyway, he is and will be missed by all who knew him and knew of him. He was apparently larger than life but a real cuddly bear on the inside.

This will be the last Weather Wednesday post for 2014 and it will return on January 7th and well, I’m sure there will be some stuff to recap from the holidays. I have no doubt that there are some winter storms coming up that are worth discussing.

If you have any comments you can reply here or email me at blindgordie@gmail.com and I will get back to you.
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Another blog you may want to follow alongside this one is from Phil Chadwick. He is a retired meteorologist from Environment Canada and his specialty was severe weather. Here is the url.
Check it out if you are a weather nut. He has stuff in there that I didn’t even know. Well, after all, he did work for Environment Canada for many years and he retired in 2011.
Well, that’s it for today’s blog post. Talk to you on Sunday.


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