Simpsons Christmas Pt 2

Hi folks. Welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. This week I’m going to be talking about the Season 12 episode Skinners Sense Of Snow. This was the second Christmas themed episode I had a chance to watch on Youtube but this one was later on in the summer of 2013.

The Simpsons attend a French-Canadian circus called Cirque du Purée, which is a play on Cirque du Soleil, when a demonic blizzard hits Springfield. Sideshow Mel points out “a storm is coming! I feel it inmy bone!” One of the circus hands says “Mesdames et messieurs, it appears the Cloud Goddess is ripe with rain babies.” A Springfield Channel 6 News weatherman says “well, sir, we’ve got ourselves a classic nor’easter meeting a classic sou’wester. Overnight, expect rain turning to freezing rain turning to sleet turning to snow – and then melting in the summer.”

Much to Bart and Lisa’s dismay, everyone has the day off, except for Springfield Elementary School. At school, Skinner shows them a boring Christmas film from 1938, called “The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t But Then Was”. They watch the movie for hours until the DVD overheats and catches fire, but Skinner puts it out. When Skinner dismisses the kids, they find that they are snowed in, trapping them in the school with Skinner and Groundskeeper Willie, much to their horror. Skinner tries to call for help, but phone lines are down. On Channel 6 news, Kent Brockman says “roads closed. Pipes frozen. Albinos virtually invisible. The Weather Service has upgraded Springfield’s blizzard from winter wonderland to a class-three kill storm.” Marge says to the TV “I don’t like the sound of that “class-three.” Kent Brockman continues: “and where are the city’s snowplows? Sold off to billionaire Montgomery Burns in a veritable orgasm of poor planning.”

When the students become uncontrollable from cabin fever, Principal Skinner’s army instincts kick in, and he begins ruling them with an iron fist. At night, Bart tries to escape by tunneling through the snow, but Skinner catches him. Skinner tries to collapse the tunnel, but it caves in on him, burying all but his head. The kids tie him up in a dodge ball sack and gag him. They then run wild, even getting into a safe with all their permanent records. Upon learning that Skinner makes $25,000 a year, and knowing that he is 40 years old, they figure Skinner is a millionaire. (40 years x $25,000 / year = $1,000,000) When it’s pointed out that Skinner also makes money painting houses in the summer, they amend their estimate of his wealth to “billionaire”.

Meanwhile, Homer and Flanders use a “snow-plower” (Ned’s car with Ned’s roofing attached to the front as a plow) to save the kids. They get frozen in ice after hitting a fire hydrant, and Homer’s repeated gunning of the engine causes carbon monoxide to flood the car. Flanders and Homer get high from thefumes and wildly hallucinate. Homer hallucinates about belly dancing women who wait on him. They receive a message from Nibbles the school hamster, send out by Skinner, and head for the school. They crash into a salt silo, melting the snow and rusting up the car. The car exhaust makes Homer hallucinate again, making him see Lisa as a camel and Bart as a beautiful woman. As Homer tries to kiss the “beautiful woman”, Bart tries his best to escape, causing the car to crash. Lisa, (as a camel), then says “Merry Christmas from the Simpsons”.

There is a connection to the Season 4 episode Mr. Plow in that, when Homer and Flanders go to save the kids, Homer is wearing his Mr. Plow jacket. However, he doesn’t remember his own Mr. Plow business after Ned points it out to him. Homer says “I think “I know my own life Ned.” Then, he sings the Mr. Plow jingle from the episode Mr. Plow.

With this episode, there is a direct Canadian connection as it was written by Canadian born Simpson’s writer Tim Long, who was born in Brandon Manitoba but probably grew up in Exeter Ontario. Here is the Wikipedia page on this episode.

As a later episode would show us, Principal Skinner is a Ham Radio operator, like myself and he evven uses the call sign WA3QIZ. I mention this because if he was revealed to be one he could have probably used morse code to get out a message for someone to come and save the kids instead of having the school hamster go out and save them. I’m just saying….

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Anyway, that is it for this weeks post. Talk to you again later.


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