Happy 2015

Hi folks and welcome to the first Weather Wednesday post in the blog for 2015. How was your Christmas and new years? Here in Southern Ontario we had some thunderstorms on December 24th in some parts and a mild but windy Christmas day. We were lucky to have it and now that we are into January, it is cold, almost like last year at this time but not as bad.

On the Weatheradio Canada and NOAA Weather Radio side, Toronto XMJ225 went into watchdog mode on January 4th and came back either later that night or very early January 5th. This occurred on the 17th anniversary of the North American ice storm, which affected parts of Ontario and Quebec, among parts of the North-Eastern US. I had been reporting as usual and it was not any different from any other outage, except that Weatheradio Canada in Ontario went down with one station in North Bay going first then all others on Sunday January 4th. They all tried to right themselves on Sunday evening but the first attempt to bring it back failed and the alerts for watchdog were sent out again at 9:12 in Toronto and around that time elsewhere.

I went to sleep and woke up to hear Toronto XMJ225 working as-if nothing had happened and everything else was also back to normal.

In closing I had been thinking about this for a while, “what if Weatheradio Canada goes down during the holidays?” Well, it happened in Alberta on or around Christmas Day and in Ontario just after new years day. This has sparked some discussion on chat groups and such about how Weatheradio Canada as a whole across Canada is doing? I have been wondering about that too and hopefully some day I will get an answer. However, I’m not holding my breath because I only know a few people on the inside and not enough to really find out everything I need to know. I grant that I can make it known about an outage or something odd on the network but not as a whole, despite my connections. This year could be an important one because people are predicting that streaming could be more and more ubiquitous this year, almost replacing a.m. and FM radio. However, Weatheradio Canada is primarily a VHF network and may not be in danger of going under because of the many models of scanners and ham radios which also receive the weather radio broadcast, besides standalone models of Weather Alert Radios. We will see how it all shakes down by December 31st and hopefully Weatheradio Canada and NOAA Weather Radio will have less problems this year. The key word is hopefully!

If you have any comments you can reply here or email me at blindgordie@gmail.com and I will get back to you.
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Another blog you may want to follow alongside this one is from Phil Chadwick. He is a retired meteorologist from Environment Canada and his specialty was severe weather. Here is the url.
Check it out if you are a weather nut. He has stuff in there that I didn’t even know. Well, after all, he did work for Environment Canada for many years and he retired in 2011.
Well, that’s it for today’s blog post. Talk to you on Sunday.


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