Stay Safe And Warm

Hi folks and welcome to another Weather Wednesday. So, we have gone through another week and no major cold snaps have touched North America this week, that I know of. It seems that we are getting off easy in some parts of the continent this year, in regards to winter. In Southern Ontario we haven’t had a lot of snow to deal with and the cold weather didn’t really get going until January 4th or 5th. It is still cold but not dangerously cold like it was last year at this time and hopefully this milder trend will continue.

As for Weather Radio, we seem to have no problems reported to me about any outages or other things that are out of sorts. I hope this is a prolonged trend too.

I also hope that you aren’t sick because of this weather. Apparently the vaccine for this years flu virus isn’t compatible to it and this years version of the flu virus is quite nasty. Well, thankfully I don’t have influenza yet and I hope I don’t get it ever again in my life.

It’s not much but that is all I have for this Wednesday. I hope you are well and are keeping warm.

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Another blog you may want to follow alongside this one is from Phil Chadwick. He is a retired meteorologist from Environment Canada and his specialty was severe weather. Here is the url.
Check it out if you are a weather nut. He has stuff in there that I didn’t even know. Well, after all, he did work for Environment Canada for many years and he retired in 2011.
Well, that’s it for today’s blog post. Talk to you on Sunday.


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