Weather Radio Net Returns To Ham Radio

Welcome to another Weather Wednesday post, this time on a Monday. The reason being is tat there is a new Ham Radio net coming back today. Okay, you may be asking why I said a new net is coming back? Well, I’ll tell you in this blog post.

The original Weather Radio Net was started on June 9th 2012 and it was active up untill December 12th 2013. The main topic was of course Weather Radio but I also allowed for other discussions. Such as: VHF marine radio and weather spotting such as CANWARN and SKYWARN. We even had a combined net on December 1st 2012 with an American net, which is a hurricane prep net and it went quite good with many check ins by voice and text.

Sadly, it all ended in December 2013 because of a sharp drop in checkk ins and relationships breaking down with some people who had helped me in the past. However, despite this the net has been revived and is starting this evening at 7:00 PM ET and it meets for an hour. If you are a scanner listener bug your local Ham Radio operator to connect to IRLP reflector 9038 on a repeater which has IRLP capabilities. IRLP stans for Internet radio linking project, just so you know.

Well, that’s about it for this weeks Weather Wednesday post. I will not be blogging on Wednesday because of this entry today. If you are a ham and you are reading this I hope to hear you this evening. I will also be tweeting live @WxrNewsletter during the net.


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