Hi there and welcome to another Whether Wednesday. Today it’s all about the seasonal transitions, specifically from winter to spring.

Here in southern Ontario we get a rather uneasy switchover from the seasons, especially going from the cold winter to the warmer springtime weather. In most cases it takes a while and on Sunday in some parts of southern Ontario there was even snow on the ground in the morning. However, it was gone by the time the afternoon. It’s all part of the battle between winter and spring and at first winter will sort of win but eventually spring will prevail, of course and we will be hearing more thunder and rain before we know it.

All I can say is just wait till the end of April and we will of forgotten all about the rather thin accumulation of snow on Sunday here in parts of southern Ontario. I guarantee the sun will shine and the weather will be warmer and the only thing that Will fall from the sky will be rain and occasionally hail, with thunder and lightning. I’ll take that over any slippery accumulation on the ground anytime. Just remember that when thunder roars go indoors.

Well, that’s about it for this week. If you are a ham radio operator don’t forget to check into my Weather Radio Net every Monday evening at 7 PM Eastern time. The turnout hasn’t really been that bad but it could always be better.


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