It Finally Feels Like Spring Has Sprung

Hi there and welcome to another Weather Wednesday. This week, finally, spring is springing here in Southern Ontario.

From when I last published an entry on weather and Weather Radio, we were still in a patern of colder than normal weather for this time of year. There were freezing rain warnings around Toronto and it was ugly driving. Then on Thursday, there were thunderstorms for parts of Ontario, particularly in the overnight hours. I heard my first rumble of thunder around 11:00 PM ET and I tweeted about it and got a favourite and a response to it.

In the past couple of days it has been rather nice with temperatures in the teens and even going up to around 20 and it has been sunny and at times, we have had the odd shower.

What is in store for us the rest of April? Well, it’s hard to really say but I imagine it will get warmer and we will turn another corner by the time May rolls around. Let’s all enjoy this next few months because it is a great time to get out and have fun. Also, if you are interested in weather spotting there are training sessions for both CANWARN and SKYWARN in many areas of both Canada and the US. Just search the web and you will probably find the nearest training session in your area. It is nice to go to them to learn how forecasters track the weather but also how we can help in issuing watches and warnings. You may even meet new people who have your same interests and maybe you will become involved in a new hobby.

Well, that’s about it for today. I’ll talk to you on Sunday or maybe even sooner. I never know when I will post another new entry.


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