Why We Should All Have Unlimited Data Plans

Hi folks and here is another entry in the blog. This one is not about The Simpsons or the weather; in fact it is about the problem with no unlimited data plans with most Cel-Phone providers.

For a long time now I have lived without a landline because of those pesky telemarketers that call every other day, trying to pressure you into buying something you don’t want… or need. The other reason is that I live in an apartment and sometimes someone would buzz me by mistake and needless to say, it is a bother, especially when you are doing something and you get the call, with a delayed response to you saying “hello?”

So, to put this problem out of my life, I went completely mobile and I love it. All though I had some problems at first, with choosing the right voice and text plan. Eventually everything sorted itself out and I can talk and text to whom ever I want, when I want.

Then, I realized I needed a data plan too and I have a good one now but it isn’t really enough for me. I want the freedom to enjoy all the apps and stuff on our smartphones, without the unpredictability of the dreaded phone bill.

I am using my current phone as: my computer, music player and all around entertainment centre, along with my iPod Touch. I can’t really enjoy everything comfortably because I have no such thing as an unlimited data plan.

Why aren’t all the Cel-Phone providers worldwide, making it mandatory that there is an unlimited data plan in place, for those who need it? In my case it would go hand in hand with my voice and text plan and would relieve me of the stress of having to watch my data each month. By the way, those apps that track your data are also using it up too. Plus, not everyone in the world has their own wifi network. I’m lucky that i know where to go, to use free wifi but I can’t be going there all the time, in order to cut down on my data usage. I only like to use wifi for: backing up my iOS devices and to download content that is too big for cellular data, such as TV shows and movies.

In Canada, there is only one mobile provider that I know of that allows the customer an unlimited data plan and I don’t think that’s right. All companies who provide the consumer with Cel-Phone plans should also include an unlimited data plan as a part of their list of plans for people to get for their phone, tablet or iPad. It seems to me that they want us to go over our plans so they can take more money from us and that is not fair.

I have been asking for an unlimited data plan for the last while, especially with the amount of music and video streaming sites these days, that we can’t enjoy on our own time, unless we either have wifi or live in a coffee shop. I hope that if you are reading this that you call your provider and ask for an unlimited data plan and if they survey you, mention it. I did and so far, I’m the only one who is probably the loudest voice in this movement, but I’m so far the only one and I need more people to join me and make yourselves heard that we need unlimited data plans and not just for the financially comfortable, but also for people on disability and who have problems making ends meet.

I hope that soon this will have an affect on those who provide access to mobile communication and those who need unlimited access to their data, especially those of us who are iPhone users.


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