This IS Only A Test Alert

Hi folks and welcome to another entry on this Weather Wednesday. For many years we have had tests on Weather Radio for both SAME and 1050 Hz tone, which have been held on various days of the week and now it is now done on Wednesdays on both NOAA Weather Radio and Weatheradio Canada. Years ago, the 1050 Hz tone test was performed on the first Monday of the month and now it is performed on the first Wednesday.

Also, on TV and radio in the US we had the “Emergency Alert System test”, which also goes for weather and other warnings. In Canada we have just started doing the same thing and yesterday I heard the test performed on a number of radio stations just before 11:00 AM.

I have no problem with it but obviously, there may be listeners who may not understand that it is only a test and not an actuall emergency. I’ve also heard people commenting sarcastically about it and saying “do it again”. I had been waiting to hear what it sounded like ever since I found out about it from people who are in the know. I wasn’t going to hide under something in fear of nothing happpening because I payed attention to the message and I also heard about the test a few minutes before it was performed.

I don’t know how often the test will be performed on our radio and TV but it won’t really bother me, unless I am hearing a new song on the radio and can’t find it on iTunes. It does make me feel good that we are now with another audible alert source, to give us warning when something bad is about to happen with the weather or any other kind of emergency situation.

Well, that’s all for today. I hope you all stay safe and aren’t alarmed by an alarm going off on your radios or TV.


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