Slipknot: One Year Later

Hi folks and welcome to this Slipknot Sunday post. Today is all about the band Slipknot and how things have progressed for them, since my entry last year, 1 year ago today on the 4th anniversary of bass player Paul Gray’s death.

Since last May 24th the band has released a new album, in the form of .5: The Gray Chapter and went on tour with Korn. They also have 2 new temporary members who are filling the bass and drum slots in place of Paul Grey and Joey Jordison respectively. I won’t name them here because as they are temporary there really isn’t any point in doing so. But I will say that the drummer is the son of a former band leader for Conan O’Brien’s former late night TV show band, before he replaced Jay Leno and has his current late night show.

In August 2014 the band released The Negative One as the first single from the new album, before the title was revealed. The second single was The Devil And I and it was also the first single released to radio at the end of August 2014. Then in October .5: The Gray Chapter came out on the 21st and it went to number 1 on the Billboard charts. Unfortunately, it was knocked out the next week by Taylor Swift and her new album 1989. However, they had their 2nd number 1 and that is what counts.

They went on tour with Korn, which was a move that even I didn’t think would happen. This is despite that both bans worked with Ross Robinson on their first 2 albums and members of both bands played with each other over the years. However it still seems weird mentioning the two bands on the same bill, unless it is a music festival gig.

Also, singer Corey Taylor’s other band Stone Sour released their EP Meanwhile In Burbank in April 2015, with 2 more titles to come out in the coming months. All 3 EP’s consisting of cover’s of classic songs the band grew up with and played on tour from time to time.

Of course today is also the 5th anniversary of the death of Slipknot’s basest Paul Gray and I met him once, along with the rest of Slipknot back in 2000 at and autograph session at a record store. Remember when we used to go to them to buy stuff like CD’s, t-shirts and other cool stuff? ):

In closing, I hope that slipknot will continue to keep making the best music they can make for a few more years and hopefully, they can reunite with Joey Jordison on drums. He is as important a member as all current surviving members and I really hope they can patch things up.


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