Krusty The Cloun, Kids

Hi all and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. This week I’m going to talk about a character that i dearly love and just love doing his voice. Krusty The Clown is one of my favourite characters for that reason alone.

In last weeks post I mentioned how I do the voice for people who are Simpsons fans and they say “hi Krusty.” I just love doing the raspy voice and the clean voiced laugh because it is so fun to do.

The character could and probably is a commentary on how big stars and in particular some commics are off the set and in real life. He is very unpleasant to his employees both on and off the set and doesn’t acknowledge Bart Simpson, unless he is prompted. In the episode Like Father, Like Clown he show’s this when he is told that on his itinerary that evening he has to go to Bart’s house for dinner. He says he doesn’t remember until the flash back to when he was released from jail, because of Bart, which made him say “oh yeah” then he ordered his assistant to “cancel it.”
Of course, he did eventually go, when he received a letter from Bart saying that he is returning his Krusty badge. This is also when we and the Simpson family learn about Krusty’s Father too.

Of course, Krusty has also endangered his fans by signing off on products in his name such as: cereal, soft drinks and even toys. Even his calculater didn’t have a 7 or an 8, according to Bart and he even got sick from eating one of Krusty’s foods that he signed off on, to make more money.

He may be a generally a grouchy clown with a gambling problem and other health problems to boot, but as a character he is great for the show. He gives Bart someone he can look up to and it provides a diversion for him, from his otherwise mischievous ways. Even when Krusty cries it is funny to hear but I like hearing him laugh and saying his catch fraise “hay hay kids” the best. On the birthday front, happy birthday to Simpsons writer Greg Daniels who turned 52 on Saturday June 13th. He was a part of the writing staff for Seasons 5 and 6. He wrote three of my favourite episodes: Homer And Apu, Secrets Of A Successful Marriage and the Season 7 episode Bart Cells His Soul. He went on to work with Mike Judge on King Of The Hill and later, on The Office and Parks And Recreation.
Also, happy 84th birthday to Jackie Mason, who celebrated on June 9. Of course, he won an Emmy award for voicing Krusty The Clown’s Father Himan Krustovsky,on the episode Like Father Like Clown in 1992. He last voiced the character, when he was killed off in the Season 26 premier episode Clown In The Dumps. The voice may have been more gravelly but the character was still funny, even to his last word, ‘aeh.” Also in the episode, both Hyman and Krusty sang a parity of the classic Irving Berlin song cheek to cheek, all though I’m not sure what it was entitled for this episode. However, it comes after Krusty was in jewish Heaven and he told his son to “help people.”

This was also of course, after he may have accidentally gave at Sullivan the finger, when he appeared on the ed Sullivan Show in the 60s. In 2004 he also voiced the East River Creature on the BBC Radio 4 adaptation of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. I wonder if any of the actors will possibly guest star in future Simpsons episodes! There are many who could either play visiting children or adult characters to Springfield! Just listen to all the episodes of the radio series and you will hear what I mean. Could you imagine A character voiced by Jonathan Pryce challenging Mr. Burns? I think his many years of playing a villain would be a lot of fun, if he guest starred on The Simpsons and challenged the equally villainous Charles Montgomery Burns. There are many other voices in the series that could play potential guest starring rolls but I’ll leave that up to you to listen for the similarities to some of the actors who voice characters on The Simpsons. It’s a shame that we lost Richard Griffiths… He would’ve been a great replacement for Harry Shearer to voice Mr. Burns. Don’t you think? After all, he did voiced Slartibardfast in the radio adaptation of Life, The Universe And Everything. This character to, is also elderly and still has a lot of ginger in him, like Mr. Burns has. However, he isn’t evil like him. Anyway, I digress.

Well, that is about it for this week. In the mean time, I recommend checking out Chris Ladesma’s blog. He is the Music Editor for The Simpsons and has been since day 1.
I also recommend checking out Yeardley Smith’s blog at
I should also mention Marchez Vous, which is her women’s shoe designer company, which she started earlier in the decade. You can check out their website at
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One final thing to mention is that you can follow Simpsons Executive Producer Al Jean on Twitter and his Twitter handle is @AlJean.
He has ran the show since Season 13 and has ran it during Seasons 3 and 4.
Anyway, that is it for this weeks post. Talk to you again on Weather Wednesday.


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