nocturnal Severe Weather Outbreaks

Hi folks and welcome to another Weather Wednesday. Well, on Monday night we had a nocturnal severe weather outbreak here in Southern Ontario and it had its pros and it’s cons.

On the plus side I love it because I like these outbreaks in general, dew to all the watches and warnings being issued throughout a large area. On the other hand this one kept me up all night, with both the weather and my Weather Radio going crazy, with countless warnings being issued and it was almost nonstop. It was so bad that I had to call off an appointed visit with a friend who drives the bus because of the outbreak.

However, on another plus it did give me a chance to work with one of the weather apps I had on my iPhone for a while now but never really fully explored. I now know not to allow it to sound the alarm on my iPhone for all warnings and watches because it will just go nuts. However, I do get to listen to NOAA Weather Radio using the app and well, I certainly enjoy that.

Speaking of weather apps, I have been playing with the iPhone’s weather app and others and I find them all to be helpfull to me in many aspects. My new app Weather Office Free is a great help to me because it gives me a look at the public forecasts for both Environment Canada and NWS, as well as the watches, warnings and hazardous weather outlook’s. I hope that there will be an alert option added to it, where you can have push notifications for alerts that you set, going to the iPhone or whatever device uses the app. Well, there is a version that you pay for but I’m not sure if it has this option. However, I will hopefully find out soon.

Well, that’s about all I have for today. I had to try and catch up on sleep because of the severe weather outbreak on Monday night and that is why this entry is a bit late today. Talk to you on Simpsons Sunday.


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