Weatheradio Canada On Canada Day

Hi folks and to my fellow Canadians, happy Canada Day. As it is a Weather Wednesday post, I’m going to talk about Weatheradio Canada’s fowel ups in and around Canada Day in the past. I have 2 situations in which things went wrong with Weatheradio Canada in Toronto, 2 years in a row.

In 2008 on June 26th after some severe thunderstorm watches and warnings were issued and ended, the Toronto XMJ225 began to have a major problem, with stale information repeating for four days until it went off the air completely. On Tuesday July 1st there was no Weatheradio Canada in Toronto for a full day and for me, I had a chance to listen to other stations on 162.400 outside Toronto, without actually leaving the apartment. That is probably the one good thing about these off the air situations and it is really interesting what you can hear on a frequency, that is normally occupied by a local radio transmission. In my case, I woke up on July 2nd with the NOAA Weather Radio transmitter in Cleveland Ohio just booming in. However, later on July 2 everything went back to normal and well, Toronto XMJ225 went back to normal programming.

In 2009, there was another mix up which wasn’t as bad but was interesting enough for someone to put on Youtube. The weekly and monthly test for Toronto XMJ225 on July 1st went ahead normally, just an hour late. Even the person who created the Youtube video said “it’s 1:00 already.” Okay, it may not be as potentially catastrophic as 2008’s major faux pas but it was just as memorable and was immortalized on YouTube. I don’t know if the video is around anymore but if you search for Weatheradio Canada Test or something you may find it. Someone is playing an Oregon Scientific W-R602 and a Eton FR300 crank radio or 2. I say that because I hear both Toronto XMJ225 and Collingwood XMJ316 playing in the background.

Well, let’s hope todays SAME and 1050 Hz tone tests go off without a hitch. I have to monitor them in Toronto and St Catharines because I am a volunteer monitor for Weatheradio Canada. Also once again, happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians.


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