My 5 Favourite Lisa Simpsons Episodes

Hi there and welcome to a Simpsons Sunday post on Friday. This is all about my favourite Lisa Simpson episodes and it is a list of my top 5 episodes in which Lisa is a prominent character. I should also mention right off the bat that today is the voice of Lisa Simpson herself, Yeardley Smith’s birthday today. It was she who inspired me to start this blog and if I hadn’t read Gobbing Off, which is her own blog, I don’t know if I would have even thought of publishing my own. Thanks for the inspiration Yeardley and also, keep up the great work with all you do.

Now, without further ado, here are my top five Lisa Simpson episodes. You should be aware that these episodes are in no particular order because I don’t want to singlepisode any episode out as The crème de la crème. However, there is one that stands out above all for me and we will get to that one later.

Moaning Lisa is an important episode in which we discover that she likes playing the blues on her saxophone. We also meet one of her greatest idols Bleeding Gums Murphy. He teaches her that ?the blues aint about feeling better, it’s about making other people feel worse.”

This episode also shows us her compassion for others in the world, who are worse off than her or her family and friends. It’s sad that Bleeding Gums was killed off but at least he lives on in a picture on Lisa’s wall.

Lisa’s First Word shows us how Bart and Lisa were is 2-year-olds and toddlers respectively. We see Bart resenting Lisa as a part of the family and trying to send her away, literally, after she is born and Bart says to her “I hate you.” This is because she wrecked everything with him, Marge and Homer. He says he’s going to run away and just as he starts to leave she says “Bart” as her first word. Bart immediately changes his tune and tells Homer and Marge that Lisa can talk. Bart gets Lisa to say Mommy and David Hasselhoff. When Homer says “can you say Daddy?” Lisa says “Homer” and Homer says “no sweetie, Daddy.” She repeats “Homer” and Homer says “d’oh” then her and Bart laugh together. I actually like it when Bart and Lisa are having fun and teaming up with each other, as apposed to fighting all the time and yes… I think they should always hug.

Krusty Gets Busted is not actually a Lisa episode as such but it does show her true intelligence coming out. Bart and her try to find out why Krusty The Clown was framed for a Kwik-E-Mart robbery, by someone who was dressed like him and sounded like him, when Homer saw the crime being perpetrated. In this episode Bart actually admits to Lisa that she is smarter than him and then go and solve the mystery of the robbery and of course, we find out that it was Sideshow Bob who commited it. This is after Bart notices the size of the robbers feat compared to Krusty’s feat, which are quite small. Of course, this episode also leads to such episodes as Sideshow Bob Roberts, where both Bart and Lisa reverse Sideshow Bob’s fortunes as the winner of the mayoral election, fraudulently. However I don’t think she will save her brother from being killed by him in the up coming Treehouse Of Horror episode, where Sideshow Bob finally kills BART, all though it is non canon.

Lisa’s Weading is a flash forward episode, in which she goes to an amusement park with her family. She goes to the psychic booth and the woman uses Tara cards, to predict her future almost husband, British born Hugh Parkfield. This episode could very well be a hint of what was to come a season later, when Lisa becomes a vegetarian. Both her and Hue say they are humourless in their vegetarianism and can both read books quickly. Their marriage was called off because Hugh wanted to leave her family in Springfield, while they went back to England. This is despite Lisa having opinions on her family and home town. The announcement was made just before Maggie began to sing Amazing Grace.

At first I didn’t like this episode but after I while of watching it I grew to like it. However, I don’t like to hear Lisa be disappointed. Oh, this leads me to my final and fifth episode Lissa’s Substitute. This actually has become my favourite episode, with the others having no particular rank in how much I like them.

In this episode Lisa meets her substitute teacher Mr. Bergstrom who turns out to be a lot different than Ms. Hoover in that he actually inspires his students to learn and doesn’t droan on and on to the class. Lisa takes a liking to him and well, develops a crush on him. She tries to see him away from school and Homer ruins it for her. So, she asks her Mom if she can invite Mr. Bergstrom to dinner. Marge says yes and it almost happens but Ms. Hoover returns from thinking she had lime disease and Lisa is crushed.

She tries to find Mr. Bergstrom at his apartment and she is informed that he is taking the train to Capital City. She gets to the train station just in time for the train to leave, with him on it. She tells him “you can’t go… you’re the best teacher I’ll ever have.” He tells her that other good teachers will come along and he gives her the note saying “you are Lisa Simpson.”

At home, Homer is clueless as to why Lisa is moaping about and she calls Homer a baboon and runs up to her room crying. Marge tells Homer to go up to her room and be the male roll model in Lisa’s life that Mr. Bergstrom also tells him to be, earlier in the episode. He goes up and see’s Lisa crying and has difficulty in convaying his feelings to his daughter. However, he says “I can fix your dall house for you” and starts to act like a monkey, which makes Lisa giggle and she appologizes for calling father a baboon and they hug and kiss.

On the other plot point in this episode, Bart looses to Martin Prinse as elected class president and homework cheers Bart up by reminding him that, Martin will probably never get to do things such as throw out the first pitch ata baseball game and says “let the baby have his bottle.” Bart says “thanks monkey man” and Homer goes off and finds Maggie without her pacifier and hands it to her.

This episode is not just a Lisa episode but it shows how Homer can not just be a mean buffoonish oaf but also deeply cares about his family and in particular, his children. He helps Bart almost become class president and cheers Lisa up after her most favorite teacher leaves for another substitute teaching job. Is it any wonder that this episode appears on the Season 2 iTunes collection and the iTunes compilation Homer Knows Best? I like it because it shows the soft side of The Simpsons and I also like it when Homer is forced to do anything for his little girl, in order for her to be happy. In this case, be Lisa’s male roll model that he should have been before Mr. Bergstrom came along.

Also as I said earlier, I don’t like it when Lisa is upset but it does make for good drama, to balance out the laughter, when needed. I think if Lisa was a real life person she would be a nice kind person, who has strong feelings on certain issues and would probably temper some of it as she grew older. However, as a character she is great as she is, even with the tears and being terrorized by BART. This also is despite that I think that both Bart and Lisa really do love each other and would do anything for them both to be happy.

Well, that’s it for today’s post. Except, I have something to say to Yeardley Smith.

Thank you very much for inspiring me to start blogging and even to go on both Twitter and Facebook. Without either social media site I wouldn’t have ever had the courage to do what I’m doing now and would have had no reason to put out my own feelings on why things are what they are, whether it is about The Simpsons or any of my favourite bands. When I was younger, I wanted to be remembered for something good and I think that this may be it. I may not have a Wikipedia article on me but I am happy with what I am doing now, despite that I am totally blind and had to learn how to do this on my own. Even working with the iPhone was done independently and as a tool for doing everything for me it is serving me well.

Anyways, if you are reading this, thanks a bunch for showing me that blogging isn’t really that hard to do. I don’t have photo’s in it because I simply don’t have any pictures on my phone that I know of that are good quality selfies or general photo’s. Oh, I would be remiss if I didn’t wish you a happy birthday and I hope it is a great one for you.

That’s about it for todays post. Talk to you again on Sunday.


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