My First Bus Trip In A Year

Hi folks and welcome to another Weather Wednesday blog post. This week it is all about my first planned out of town bus trip in a year or so. OK, at first glance this may not have anything to do with weather but it does have much to do with my involvement with Weatheradio Canada. I will explain as I go along in this post so, read on.

When I go somewhere on the bus or any kind of vehicular transportation I usually take a Weather Radio receiver with me, so I can check out all the channles for VHF openings and whether all transmitters are in good working order. After all, I do publish a newsletter every 3 months on Weather Radio, which both Environment Canada and the national Weather Service are behind.

The other reason I ttake such a receiver is so I can keep myself entertained, besides just listening to music and now, possibly watching The Simpsons on my iPod. I have always enjoyed listening to radio anyway, while going from city to city and that probably came from going to the school for the blind in Brantford Ontario, where most of us came from out of town and went home on Fridays and came back on Sunday evenings.

Anyway, for this trip I decided to go to Barrie Ontario, which I had been to before and could go where I usually went with some difficulty but not so much that I needed help getting from the bus terminal to my next destination. I of course, took my WX radio and some other things to keep me sain, while going both directions and just listened as we went from Toronto to Barrie, while my radio switched to the local Weatheradio Canada transmitter, located in Collingwood.

However, when I got to Barrie I had no idea that the entire transit system had been revised and there were newly named and numbered bus routes. This I found out after the fact, the next morning while just looking around on Wikipedia. I have found the information I need for my next trip to Barrie and will hopefully be much more able to find my bus to get where I want to go in Barrie.

When I went back home I was also able to make use of my newly acquired GPS app, which I have always used when I wanted to go somewhere in Toronto. I used it in Barrie too but I really wanted to use it on the way home, so I could keep track of where we were. I usually ask the driver to drop me off at a convenient store, at the corner of my street and they usually oblige. So, I use my app and was able to stay aware of where I was, despite GPS having to recalculate first. However, I made it back home and all the applicable Weatheradio Canada transmitters along the way worked just fine. I even heard the stations in Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes on the way to Barrie in the morning, as it was a clear night before with a good opening on VHF.

On an unrelated note, I also took an extra power pack with me to charge my iPhone and I certainly needed it then. My GPS ate up a lot of juice and well, I made sure to charge up the phone during the second half of my trip. I may purchase a second pack because I tried using my Crank Radio, which has a Solar panel. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to get into the sun as much as I would’ve liked to. The other problem is that it wouldn’t charge my iPhone because it isn’t powerfull enough to handle it, without ac power or even the power of the sun to charge up the radio and the phone. Ah well… I’ll figure something out by the time I make my next trip out of town.

That’s it for todays post. Talk to you again on Sunday.


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