Anniversary, Birthday And Death

Hi folks and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. This week is the 8th anniversary of The Simpsons Movie tomorrow and we have some birthdays of guest starrs to talk about.

Unfortunately, I have to acknowledge the passing of the voice of Roger Meyers, Jr. Alex Rocco. His first appearance was in the Season 2 episode Itchy & Scratchy & Marge. After which, he did more animated TV appearances including during the first season of Family Guy. He also was in the cast of the movie The Godfather and had a roll in The George Carlin Show, as George O’Grady’s best friend Harry, whom George referred to in one episode as “a true friend and a pervert.” I don’t remember why but that stuck with me, for some stupid reason. Anyway, RIP Alex Rocco and thanks for entertaining many millions of people with your characters in the movies and television.

. Let’s get on with the birthdays first. The oldest and lone Canadian among them is: long time game show host and Worldvision spokesman Alex Trebek, turned 75 years old this week. He was born in Sudbury Ontario and lived in Ottawa for a time. He guest starred durring the Season 9 Christmas episode, where Marge attempted to win back all the money the family owed the entire town of Springfield on Jeopardy. This of course, was after Bart lied about a robber stealing all the Christmas presents.

The second oldest birthday boy this week is guest star Albert Brooks, who turned 68 this week. Both him and Jon Lovitz, who also turned another year older this week are both Saturday Night Live alumni, along with the late Phil Hartman. Albert Brooks of course guest atarred as the main antagonist in The Simpsons Movie, Russ Cargill and guest starred as various characters throughout the series. Most notably, Hank Scorpio in season 8’s You Only Move Twice and as Brad Goodman in Season 5’sBart’s Inner Child, along with James Brown. His most recent appearance was in the Season 26 episode Bully.

John Lovitz first guest starred in the Season 2 episode The Way We Was, as Marge’s boy friend Artie Ziff and in future seasons as other One time or minor characters. In the episode Homer Defined, he not only voices Aristotle “Arie” Amadopolis, owner of the Shelbyville nuclear plant. He asks Homer to give a speech and Homer saves the plant with his pushing of buttons and being lucky enough to push the right one first, despite not knowing which button he pushed.

Another thing about that episode is that Jon also voiced Mr. Avery Devereau in the television program that Marge Simpson was watching, before the breaking news about the meltdown at the Springfield nuclear plant. To me, he almost sounded like a character that Phil Hartman could’ve easily voiced equally as well. However, that’s just my own opinion.

As for The Simpsons Movie, I now have it on my iPod Touch and have watched it a few times ever since I bought it and downloaded it before Christmas. I actually prefer it to the descriptive video, which occasionally talks over the dialogue. For example: when Russ Cargill gives instructions to how many people should be guarding the outside of the dome and how they should be arranged, the voice talks over his instructions as he says: soft, tough, tough, tough, soft, tough and so on. I may not be quoting it as it is but I’m just making the point that the descriptive video is helpful but occasionally a hindrance. Sometimes it’s nice to just watch the movie as is and find out the details later.

Another thing is that there is a Simpsons Special on iTunes with Terry Gross, on her radio show Fresh Air. I think is also available as a podcast but I’m not sure. I must admit I don’t explore podcasts too much because they take up data on my iPhone. If all phone companies gave us unlimited data plans, then I would be off to the races and be like the kid in the candy store. However, I have what I have from iTunes and I’m happy with it for now.

Well, that’s about it for this week. As usual to end each Simpsons Sunday post, I recommend checking out Chris Ladesma’s blog. He is the Music Editor for The Simpsons and has been since day 1.
I also recommend checking out Yeardley Smith’s blog at
I should also mention Marchez Vous, which is her women’s shoe designer company, which she started earlier in the decade. You can check out their website at
For some strange reason everyone I know hasn’t heard of them yet. Hopefully I can change that.
Additionally, for more news on The Simpsons, you can go to
It is new so, give it time to grow.You can also comment here or you can email me at and I will reply as soon as I can to all messages I receive. I would much prefer getting an email so I can reply directly to you, but that’s just me.
One final thing to mention is that you can follow Simpsons Executive Producer Al Jean on Twitter and his Twitter handle is @AlJean.
He has ran the show since Season 13 and has ran it during Seasons 3 and 4.
Anyway, that is it for this weeks post. Talk to you again on Weather Wednesday.


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