Hi folks. This blog post is all about consistency, which does not exist where I live and I will explain that here.

In recent weeks there has been talk of renovations going on within my apartment block. These include: putting in new windows, New balcony doors and new air-conditioners and heaters with controls. I was also told there would be classes starting up in the fall and other programming going on. Is this an apartment building or an institution?

What really bothers me is that I was told that the renovations would probably be starting in or around September and I have heard that the new windows are being put in today or soon after.

Also, I was told to my face, that I would be receiving emails as to when this would be happening and all I have are peices of paper in my door, which I can’t read. I have asked for emails before and not a message has come into my inbox about things going on within the apartment block. These are not stupid people we are dealing with here… we are dealing with people with a reasonable education and know what kind of people they are dealing with, who live in this building and others like it. Either someone has screwed up or I need to yell at them repeatedly until they get the message. I will not belittle anyone if they are immigrants or if English is their second language. However, this inconsistency and playing dumb has to stop. If I or anyone else asks to be emailed that should be itt… No pieces of paper in the door and instead, emails in my inbox about what is happening and when it is happening. It’s not fair to me or anyone else who may have a similar problem because of their disability. In my case, it is my blindness and most people know I am blind but some compare me to others in my building and that’s not right.

Anyway, I just had to get this off my chest and hopefully in the future, this will be corrected. If not, I will do what I can to make it known that I am not happy with how I am told important news about what is happening. It shouldn’t be hearsay… Rather, social media or maybe even email. Is that so hard?


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