Catching Up With Weather Wednesday

Hi folks and welcome to another Weather Wednesday. Well, I’m back posting on Wednesdays after a few weeks off. I simply hadn’t thought about anything new to post up until now.

Today it is all about the new issue of my Weather Radio Listeners Newsletter. It is mostly the same as past issues but with one or two new things added. One thing I have decided to add is a list of weather or Weather Radio apps for both android and iOS devices. Right now I only have apps for iOS in the newsletter but I’m hopeful that I will have some android weather apps in the next issue, thanks to some of my readers.

Another thing I talk about in this issue is rechargeable batteries and how they are very important to power our WX radios, that allow for their use. This mainly applies to handheld models but some desktop units allow for them to be used.

Something that will change in the next issue or so, is The Watchdog report. It will have a new name, which I will decide upon when it comes time for the change. I will explain when the time is right for it to be known. Otherwise, it is bassically the same as any other issue of the newsletter.

As far as the weather goes, Southern Ontario finally had some uncomfortably hot weather in the last 2 weeks. I say that because last summer we got off rather lightly, with very few days with temperatures at or even above 30 degrees celsius. Although, there were a few severe weather outbreaks last summer. This year strangely enough, has been rather quiet for severe weather outbreaks. In fact we have only had 3 tornados in Ontario this year so far, with one that was confirmed on Sunday.

I have a feeling that there may be one more outbreak to come, with a tornado that could make the news in a big way. Think of: the tornado outbreak on August 20th 2009, or even the Goderich Tornado in 2011. You see the patern I am getting at? These news making events have all happened in odd numbered years and since this is an odd numbered year, anything could happen here or elsewhere with possible hurricanes and other storms.

Welll, that’s about it for today. Talk to you on Simpsons Sunday.


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