Bart’s New Teacher

Hi folks and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. I guess the biggest announcement for this week is that Bart now has a new teacher, to replace the retired or deceased character Mrs. Edna Krabappel. Of course, she was voiced by Marcia Wallace, who died October 25th 2013 and her last voiced appearance was at the end of the Season 25 episode The Man Who Grew Too Much.

Now we find out that Bart’s new teacher is Mrs. Berrera, who will be voiced by Colombian American actress Sofia Vergara. I don’t know much about her yyet but I have read that she is a part of the cast of Modern Family, which also airs on Fox? Here is the link to the news item itself.

Well, after a psycho for a teacher in a brief roll it is nice that Bart will get a good one now. I’ve also read that Mrs. Berrera is much more forgiving than Mrs. Krabappel was but I don’t think the former teacher was that nasty. She had her nice moments with Bart and I’ll probably write about some of them around the time of the anniversary of Marcia Wallace’s death.

On the birthday front, happy birthday to Canadian radio and television personality George Stroumboulopoulos, who turns 43 today. No, he didn’t guest star on The Simpsons but he has interviewed Harry Shearer, on at least one occasion in 2007, before The Simpsons Movie came out. If he ever does he would be the only character I have ever met in real life.

Another anniversary to also mention is the death of comedian and actor Robin Williams, a year ago from last Tuesday. I heard it being mentioned on the radio because of how he died and no, I don’t condone any type of suicide so I’m not going to talk about it. He hasn’t ever guest starred but he has been mentioned and referenced on the show a few times.

Well, that’s about it for this weeks post. Talk to you again next Simpsons Sunday. I’m off to watch some Simpsons from Season 24. In the mean time, I recommend checking out Chris Ladesma’s blog. He is the Music Editor for The Simpsons and has been since day 1.
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Anyway, that is it for this weeks post. Talk to you again on Weather Wednesday.


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