Odd Weather Events

Hi folks and welcome to another Weather Wednesday post in the blog. I have been thinking about this for quite a while now and I have noticed, that most of the significant news making weather events have happened in years with odd numbers.

For the past 6 years I have begun to notice this peculiar phenomenon, where the weather brings such major outbreaks during years ending in: 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9. For example:

the Barrie Tornado outbreak, which also touched other parts of South Central Ontario and parts of the Northern US on May 31st 1985,

the 2005 severe weather outbreak on August 19th 2005, bringing thunderstorms to Southern Ontario,

the 2009 severe weather outbreak on August 20th 2009, which killed an 11-year-old boy among others and brought tornados to The city of Vaughan Ontario,

the tornado in Godderich Ontario on August 21, 2011.

As you may notice all of these and more significant outbreaks all occurred in years with odd numbers. Yes, even Hurricane Katrina occurred in a year with an odd number, being 2005 and Hurricane Camille blazed her trail of distruction in 1969.

I wonder why this peculiar phenomenon happens? It really is strange to know that such significant weather events happen in these particular years but they are not all only during those odd-numbered years. Remember hurricane Andrew? He made his presence felt in August 1992. Also, we can’t forget about the severe weather outbreak August 28th 1990, which affected the Northern US and parts of Southern and Southwestern Ontario, with severe thunderstorms and tornados. This happened during a year which was mostly cooler than normal, after a mild winter from January onward in Ontario. Oh yes, lest we forget Super storm Sandy and Hurricane Hazel, which both affected the US and Canada in 1954 and 2012 respectively.

We are forecasted to be hit by another active weather day tomorrow, which will probably bring a severe weather outbreak, which will also probably make the news for more than a week. That is the commonality with most, if not all events I have mentioned here. For more on this you can go on Wikipedia and search for lists of Tornado outbreaks in North America. You can also probably look for lists of hurricanes and I bet the majority of the most significant ones occurred in years with odd numbers and of course, most likely had their names retired.

Well that’s about it for this odd post today. Haha! Talk to you sooner than you think.


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