2015, The Summer Of Summer Severe Weather Disappointment

Hi folks. On this Weather Wednesday I’m going to talk about how much of a bust, this summer has been for severe weather outbreaks here in Southern Ontario. This is despite that we have had periods where we have gone above 30 degrees c for a few days.

The only real true outbreak that occurred in the summer months was on August 1, when there were quite a few thunderstorm clusters that went through Southern Ontario that day. Otherwise, it has been rather quiet and the end of summer severe weather blowout hasn’t happened yet. Well, that happens every year or so and there is no real guarantee that the weather will be active before the fall sets in and the weather begins to cool off.

The first real outbreak of severe weather in Southern Ontario happened on June 10th and I wrote a post about that earlier this year, from the Weatheradio point of view. The next one happened on June 23rd and it went through the evening of the 22nd and lasted until early in the morning of the 23rd. I posted an entry about that too and how it screwed up my schedule for that day. This one was also the first of the few real outbreaks that happened in the summer of 2015 and unfortunately it was also nocturnal.

Another reason for me to be disappointed on the lack of watches and warnings throughout Southern Ontario and in particular Toronto, is that I have downloaded and purchased more weather alert apps that I wanted, for the purpose of keeping myself abreast of the latest weather alerts happening in and around me, without having to rely solely on my Weather Radio to keep me up to date while out of the house.

As the weather gets cooler and eventually cold enough for snow, I’m sure that my apps will be making my phone make noise so I am aware of the latest severe weather on the way. I am looking forward to the next few months of changing weather but I am not looking forward to the cool down and freeze.

Well, that’s about it for today. I’ll talk to you soon.


2 thoughts on “2015, The Summer Of Summer Severe Weather Disappointment

  1. Hodges C Dave

    great wright up Gord. around here by Windsor we have had enough warnings go out to keep me happy now as for the storms well a very low number of them. what apps are you finding most helpful?


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