The Otto Show

Hi folks and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. Today it is all about the episode The Otto Show.

Basically, the main story revolves around Bart and Milhouse going to see Spinal Tap at a hockey arena in Springfield. The concert last 20 minutes but this inspires BART to want to be a rockstar. So, Homer buys Bart a guitar and he has a lot of difficulty in playing it and he gives it to Otto to see what he can do. Otto shows Bart and us that he can play and stops driving the school bus to entertain the kids. After a while and after Martin reminds Otto that they should have been at school a few minutes ago, he drives as fast as he can and crashes the bus, flipping it over on its side. This is possibly a reference to the episode Bart Gets An F, when Bart says that Otto always tries to tip it over and Otto says “damn thing never goes over… does it?” He gets stripped of his job as school bus driver because he doesn’t have a license and principal Skinner takes over driving the bus.

Otto goes to the DMV to try and get his license but fails and one of his mistakes was misspelling the word bus. Also complicating things is that he was evicted for not paying rent and goes to live in a trash can.

Bart throws away garbage and it hits Otto and Bart decides to take Otto home. Homer and Marge are reluctant and Otto promises to do what he can to help out, but he doesn’t. Also, he clogs up the toilet and gets collect calls, which really gets on homers nerves. The last straw was when he scared Lisa with a bedtime story. Just before Marge and Homer throw Otto out, Marge convinces him to try again to get his drivers license and he says he will do it.

He passes this time because he entertained Patty with stories about Homer having food on him for days and his other rather crude behaviors. This is despite that Otto did even worse this time but Patty decided to pass him anyway, because of that.

I mention this episode because it was the first episode with a heavy metal band as guest starrs on The Simpsons, even if it is Spinal Tap with: Harry Shearer, Michael McKean and Christopher Guest reprising their roles as the three core members of Spinal Tap. One thing I’m curious to know is who play guitar? I couldn’t find that out anywhere whether it was on Wikipedia or any of the Simpsons fan sites.

The other reason I wanted to talk about this episode is that on the birthday front, Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford turned another year older on Tuesday. He guest starred in the Season 25 episode Steal This Episode. I’ve never told anyone this before but when I originally heard the title of the episode, it reminded me of a recent album by System Of A Down called Steal This Album. It consisted of tracks that were left over from the sessions of their 2001 album toxicity.

I guess another reason for this is that Spinal Tap is a maki Mentry on the rock and roll lifestyle but other bands of said that they could relate to it.

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Anyway, that is it for this weeks post. Talk to you again on Weather Wednesday.


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