September, The Turning Point Of The Year

Hi folks. It is not only a Weather Wednesday but it is also the first post in September. It is the month where summer weather circles the drain, before it leaves us for the fall. Sometimes it just up and gets out like we were a bad date the night before. Other times it doesn’t want to go and it just stays, making all the kids sweat in their classrooms at school.

I’m writing this because I hate this time of year because it is the end of summer and the beginning of fall and that leads to a season of cold and flue and freezing temperatures.

The only thing I find good about this time of year is that the TV shows come back with new episodes and I can watch the latest adventures of The Simpsons or other shows I have had an interest in throughout my life. It is also the time of year when awards begin to be given out and well, that is also cool too.

Well, I couldn’t really think of much today because I just can’t really think of anything I can sink my teeth into. Talk to you on Simpsons Sunday.


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