Looking Forward To I OS9

Hi folks and welcome to a Whatever Wednesday. Okay, you may be reading this thinking it is another Weather Wednesday and it is. However, I have been running dry of things to talk about in regards to weather in this blog and have decided to make this about what ever I want to talk about, other than The Simpsons. After all, my comments about this blog are “what ever pops into my little head.”

Today I am looking forward to the release of iOS 9 and at the same time, I am not looking forward to it. On one hand it is exciting to have something new to work with but on the other, it is rather scary. In my case, I use my iPhone and other i OS devices for everything and especially the iPhone. After all, I blog with it and almost everything you can think of, I do it using it on a daily basis.

Last year when i OS8 was released there was a big problem with the Bluetooth keyboards not responding to all key presses. That was fixed a couple of updates later, after I wrote about it in this blog, soon after I updated my iPhone last September. This year I hope the same problem doesn’t rear it’s ugly head again and I hope what I have read about in regards to the new features are true. The one new addition I’m looking forward to the most is the option to power down the iPhone. I think it is an interesting feature that will be added but at the same time, I have one reservation about it. Will this cause a data slowdown if this is turned on, while not on AC power? That is the only thing I would have a problem with if that is the case but otherwise I think it is a great new feature. As long as it helps and is not a boondoggle, I’m OK with that.

Well, later today, I will have it on my iPhone and iPod Touch’s and I will be going on about how I either love or hate the new update next week.


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