The Best Season Finales

Hi folks and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. This week it is one week until the premier of Season 27 and I thought I would spend this week talking about the best season finales. Here is a list of the ones that standout for me, from past seasons and I will explain why as you see them. I should also mention that they are in no particular order of rank and I won’t be getting into every season, simply because I haven’t had a chance to watch every episode yet.

Season 4’s Krusty Gets Canceled is one of the best because there are so many guest stars on it including: Elizabeth Taylor, Johnny Carson, bet Midler, Luke Perry and Red Hot Chilly Peppers as they were going through a period of changing guitarists, after breaking through with their big hit Under The Bridge and it’s album Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic.

Another thing that makes this episode one of the greats is the addition of Arthur Crandall and his dummy character Gabbo. In Gabbo’s case, he has been dropped by radio stations for promo’s and such with his line “it’s easy for you to say… you don’t have a hand up your tuchas. Oy! Hey.” Even The Gabbo Song has been used by some radio personalities to introduce their show or shift, especially the closing line “it’s the greatest show in towowowowowowown.” The fact that Bart gets to help Krusty again is also a nice ending to a season.

Brother, Can You Sppare Two Dimes? is another standout season ender for me and all who loved Homer’s half brother Herbert Powel but didn’t like the end of his previous episode Oh Brother Where Are Thou? It was necessary for this episode to be written and aired, in order to fix the relationship between the two half siblings and I especially liked Homer’s new chair. Imagine having a chair like that?

Secrets Of A Successful marriage also stands out for me because it shows how Homer really does depend on his wife Marge and without her, he would probably end up dead or something. Of course, he also gives away many secrets from their private moments and that makes Marge kick Homer out of the house and Homer ends up becoming a real mess. Thankfully Marge and Homer reconcile and everything returns to normal.

Behind The Laughter is an interesting episode because it is a parity of the TV show Behind The Music. I have always liked documentary shows like Behind The Music and others like that and I thought it was also cool that some old Simpsons clips were inserted again. One clip that has come up time and time again is Homer falling down Springfield gorge and well, it appeared in this episode and a couple more times during the first 11 seasons of the series.

Dangers on A Train is another episode that I like because it actually has Seth MacFarlane as a guest star. It also shows us how much Homer loves Marge and would do anything to give her a great anniversary gift, like a train. It is especially important for me because until learning that Seth guest starred I wasn’t a fan of him or Family Guy. Thankfully this has changed my view on him and his over all work.

The Nedliest Catch is also a good one because of Ned and Edna meeting again and possibly becoming a couple, despite Edna Krabappel’s past. Of course as fans of the show, we know that the fans decided that the two should become a couple. I’m glad it happened but it is sad that it only lasted two seasons. Need I say more?

Well, those are just some of the best season finales that I could think up as I write this. I know there are a lot more but I can’t think of them right now. On the birthday front, former writer and show runner Mike Reiss turned another year older on September 15th. He ran the show, with Al Jean for Seasons 3 and 4 and also wrote many of the episodes from the first 4 seasons, along with select episodes from Seasons 6 and 8. They include: A Star Is Burns, ‘Round Springfield and Simpsoncalafragilisticexpiala(annoyed grunt)cious. They both also had the original idea for the episode Two Dozen And One Greyhounds but it was ultimately written by later show runner Mike Scully. He also had a hand in writing The Simpsons Movie along with Al Jean and the two started the short lived series The Critic,.

Also, happy birthday to former Show Runner David Mirkin, who turned another year older on September 18th. He ran the show during Seasons 5 and 6 and his most notable episode for me is Deep Space Homer. Mainly because at the time, he was also a licensed ham radio operator, with the call WA3QIZ. Sadly, he has let his license lapse and probably won’t return to the hobby. However, I don’t think he has ever forgotten it. After all, some of the people who go up into space are ham’s. For example: Canadian astronaut and musician Chris Hatfield is one, with the callsign VA3OOG. I’ve heard that he does talk to people on the air but I haven’t worked him yet. September 18th 2009 also happens to be the day that I took my Ham Radio exam and passed it with %93. I didn’t expect that high a mark but I did expect to pass with a mark which allows me to talk on all bands, if I like.

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Anyway, that is it for this weeks post. Talk to you again on Weather Wednesday.


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