iOS 9, Pros And Cons

Hi folks and welcome to another Wednesday blog post. This week it is my second post on iOS 9 and its pros and cons. When last I posted, it was the day of the update and I had yet to update my iOS devices. Since then, I have and here is my take on iOS 9.

First, I’m going to look at the negative aspects of this update for me. The first thing I noticed was a change in how some of my apps responded to it. For example: I use an app to send group emails to a bunch of people, who are in a group that I head. Thankfully, I can still send these types of emails but it isn’t as easy as it was before. I would be able to send group emails from my contacts and now, I can’t do that. I have to go to the app and copy the group email addresses to the clipboard. This is not really an inconvenience but it does take a bit more time to send emails to a group of people, you have put together.

Another app that has, or rather had, been giving me trouble is the Transit App. I wasn’t able to check on my local transit route for a short time after the software update. However, an update to the app was available recently and it has fixed that problem and things are right again .

On the other hand, I have been having a lot of fun with the voices. In the past, I could only download and use the voices that were meant to be used by Voice Over but now, I can use the Siri voices too. I have downloaded two of them and I find them more emotional than the traditional: Samantha, Karen or Daniel voices. Not that they’re bad but I find the voices for Siri a lot more fun to play with.

In the case of the American female Siri I can make her laugh and breethe if I type in the right letters and punctuation. To make her do this, download her voice and type in ha-ha and she will do a quick laugh and take a breath. It actually works at the end of a sentence!

With the British Siri female voice if you type in “oohh” she will say it in a excited fashion. If you have her reading a document you would think that she’s reporting on the news, with the way she reads a book or anything without a bunch of links to chop up the dialogue. Actually, the Siri voices seem to all have more emotion than the original Voice Over voices that were also voices for Siri. Once again, not that they are not good, they are just not as much fun to play with and to have reading documents.

With the new Battery app, I tested the new Low-Power Mode out on my iPhone and I don’t have a problem with it. At first I thought it was strange that it would only allow for the Auto-Lock to work for 30 seconds, as opposed to my usual 5 minutes. I think it is cool that when the battery is charged sufficiently, the phone automatically shuts off the low-power mode and returns to normal. I’m curious to find out what it does when I am either updating, downloading or backing up something using Wifi in this mode.

Another thing that has been a real plus is the options for using a Bluetooth keyboard. In the past I and others have had a problem with a letter being typed in multiple times, even though I have only typed it in once. Thankfully, Apple has addressed this and there shouldn’t be anymore problems with this issue. By the way, I typed in the word with to demonstrate what I have been experiencing in the past.

So far, everything else has given me no real problems. All though, the clock no longer plays songs I have used as alarms only once. It plays them until you unlock the phone, shutting off the alarm. Oh well!

Anyway, that is my take on iOS 9 at this time. If other things either bug me or make me extra happy, I will post them here.


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