Through It All There Is Love

Hi folks and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. It’s the first week in October 2015 and also after the first week of Season 27, starting with the premier episode Every Mans Dream. Wasn’t that interesting to see Homer and Marge actually going through their trial separation? That was one of the reasons why I put it in the top 10 season premieres for this year, even though like last years premier episode it hadn’t aired yet when I published the list.

Also, was it a dream or reality sequence? To me, it sort of jumps around a bit, from dream to reality in The Simpsons world and it is sometimes hard to tell which is which, without looking at what’s on the screen or paying very very close attention to everything. This will certainly have a few listens from me, to figure out what is a dream sequence and what is real, dew to Homer’s narcolepsy. Of course, he tries to use his narcolepsy to his advantage to get out of pretty much anything he can, after he is diagnosed by Dr. Hibbert to have this disease. I had never even heard of narcolepsy before this episode aired and of course, the whole trial separation was all a dream.

What really got my attention though, wasn’t anything to do with the plot. It was a couple of seconds of a song by Dan Castellaneta himself, during the opening couch-gag. In case you didn’t know, he is the voice of Homer and some other male characters and has also put out a couple of albums. The song in question is Through It All There Is Love, from his 2000 album Two Lips. I bet that Matt Groening had the idea to include a small piece of the song in the couch-gag for this episode. If you think about the title of the song and everything the family as a whole, have gone through it really fits the episode and the series. With all the various times Marge and Homer have had problems there is always the underlying love for each other and the same can be said for Bart and lisa too, despite their sibling rivalry. To identify the song, just listen to a song that sounds like something that could have been written in the 1960’s by Lennon and McCartney. You hear Dan singing “I don’t believe it when you tell me that it’s all gone bad, it’s true to you” in a voice that sounds like either John Lennon or Paul McCartney. I think that Dan Castellaneta is a Beattles fan, judging from the over all sound of Two Lips. I hope that people notice this song and go out and either buy or download the album to either stream or have in their physical or Digital music collection. In my case it is in the latter and I bought it last year on iTunes, along with his other album I Am Not Homer. I’ve discussed the two albums in past posts here and I’ll leave that to you to find them in the archives. I’ll give you a hint… I wrote about them either around Dan Castellaneta’s birthday or in January 2014.

To further make the point of the title of the song and this post, I believe that every character on The Simpsons is vitally important to each other. Because if we didn’t have Principal Skinner or Mrs. Krabappel, Bart wouldn’t have anyone to rebell against in athority, besides his Mom and Dad. Also, if Homer didn’t have Mr. Burns as his boss, would life be interesting enough for him or us to follow? Most characters rub some of us the wrong way but they are all essential to the series because without them, it would be a very different and possibly boring existence in Springfield. Of course, some relationships with certain characters have and will change with time but they are all vitally important to each other, in order for the series to keep entertaining us for years to come… regardless of how you feel about the current crop of episodes, vs. the older ones.

Something else that has been talked about recently outside this episode is the coming out of the closet of Waylon Smithers. We all know he is gay but does Mr. Burns, his boss and best friend even know or comprehend his homosexuality? How would it go with Mr. Burns finally hearing the words “I Am Gay” from his loyal sycophant? It will be very interesting to watch the up coming episode which will finally reveal it to Mr. Burns and how it comes to a head in those 3 words to him.

Of course, another thing to look forward to this season is Sideshow Bob finally killing Bart Simpson in this years Treehouse Of Horror. I’m looking forward to that moment to hear how Bart dies. Will he choke or scream? I’m glad that he won’t die for real and he will be here to make us laugh and pull his pranks on Seymore Skinner, Groundskeeper Willie and other school staff. This goes back to my point about the importance of all the characters. If Sideshow Bob actually killed Bart as cannon it would be a very different series. Also, if Sideshow Bob actually kissed and made up with Bart it would also be different and also, not the same as it has been, with him as one of Bart’s nemeses.
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