Queen: A Night At The Odeon

Hi folks and here is another post in the blog. Today it is all about Queen and their new live album A Night At The Odeon. I am so happy it has finally come out and I will explain why I just said that in this post, as well as talk about my favourite parts of the album.

First of all, I said that I had been waiting a long time for this album to be released and that is because I had heard most of the tracks on the radio years ago. This was when rock radio stations would fill up time on Sundays or Saturdays with live music from bands the play in their rotation and Queen was one of them. I had heard: Ogre Battle, The medley of Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen, March Of The Black Queen and the reprise of Bohemian Rhapsody back in the summer of 1991. This was back in the day when all the Queen albums were being issued on compact disk for the first time in North America. I had thought it had been taken from Live Killers but I found out later that wasn’t the case at all.

Four years later, I had heard it again on a show called from The Volts, which was hosted by a well-known radio personality and Canada named Larry Leblanc. He played the same medley and I actually thought that it was available as an import. However, surprise surprise, it wasn’t even out there for me to consume as a fan of Queen. In 2013 I went on Youtube and found the entire concert and I took a listen to it and here we get to my personal highlights from that show.

Obviously the songs Ogre Battle and the Bohemian Rhapsody are things I had been looking forward to ever since then. Another highlight for me is Brian May’s guitar solo on Brighten Rock. As a guitar player I have always admired Brian for playing along with himself like that and to actually figure out the math of how to play and when to play, must have taken a long time to do. Let’s not forget that he has done this at every Queen show and on his solo tours too. Even figuring out what Freddie was going to sing in the vocal cannon section of The Profit Song must’ve been a real trial and error session. I wish I was that patient but I would have just wnated to play, regardless of what the hell I was doing up there.

I also liked the version of White Queen from the concert and if you have the deluxe version of Queen ii it is one of the bonus tracks. Now I’m Here is also on the deluxe version of Sheer Heart Attack and now that I mention it, it makes me wonder how much archival audio and footage has yet to come out in the future. After all, there is that free concert in London’s Hyde Park in 1976 and other rare tracks and remixes which have yet to come out.

As for the album itself, I give it 10 out of 10 for finally coming out. I’m just so happy it is finally in our hands, legitimately and we can finally enjoy it either audio only or as a video. I can’t wait to find what the next Queen project will be. Will it be a new studio album with Adam Lambert? Another compilation or a rerelease of an old compilation? I’m sure there are many live albums yet to come out in the coming years and I will hopefully be ready to buy them, when they come out.


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