Happy Birthday To The Blog.

Hi folks. Today is the second anniversary of the first post in the blog and now I’ve gone from saying goo goo Da Da to writing in plain english. Hahahaha!

But seriously, it has been fun so far putting together each post for you almost every week, for what ever I wish to talk about on a particular day. If you know how I roll, I save my Simpsons posts on Sundays because the show airs new episodes on Sundays. Simple… Isn’t it? Everything else I talk about is saved for other days. The only exception is my posts on weather and Weather Radio on Wednesdays, I call Weather Wednesday. I haven’t had much to talk about because nothing really new has come up for me to sink my teeth into and bring to the worlds attention, about a rather unknown part of the VHF band for many people.

I guess that is the reason I talk about what I talk about when I decide to post in here about something. I can’t really do that with myself so I talk about things that interest me and bring new information to all who read the blog, through social media and or, by simply following it.

On another note, this is also the 24th anniversary of the death of my favourite singer in rock, Freddie Mercury from Queen. I have always liked him and he stood out from every other rock vocalist in technicallity and emotion. Others just wailed but Freddie sang the song with his voice and brought operatic influences that most heavy metal singers tried to bring to their own vocal style. Some have succeeded in that more than others but you can’t deny how influencial Freddie has been on a generation of singers, with his own array of influences: from Aretha Franklin to Liza Minnelli.

Anyway, I just wanted to acknowledge both anniversaries here and not dwell on one or the other. As for the future of the blog, as long as I can post I will continue doing so until I can’t anymore. Thanks to all who have replied and followed me through the blog or Twitter and Facebook. I always wanted to be remembered for doing something and this is it.


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