All About The Clip Shows

Hi folks and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. Okay, I hope those of you who are football fans enjoy the sooper bowl. Also, don’t drink and drive because I don’t and can’t.

This weeks post is about the clip shows that have aired during The Simpsons long run. Some people view them as bad or lazy, because of the use of clips from past episodes to tell a story or to help with the theme of the episode. I will offer my own opinion on this later in this post.

The first such episode involved April Fools Day and it had Bart shaking up a can of beer which Homer opened and it exploded. This landed him in the hospital and in a coma, until Bart admitted his prank to Homer. It had clips from the first 4 seasons such as: when Lisa played her sax for Homer when he thought he was going to die. Another clip which has been show’n a few times is Homer falling down Springfield Gorge in the episode Bart The Daredevil from Season 2.

The second clip show was all about love and romance. This had clips mostly from Seasons 4 and 5, including Homer and Mindy Simmons together at the hotel and Homer crying over a fortune cookie telling him he would be better off with a new love. It also had the clip where Wralph declared his love for Lisa and where Bart came to his treehouse with Lora Powers to find out that her boy friend is Jimbo Jones. However we don’t hear a repeat of Bart’s prank call that lands Jimbo in trouble with Moe.

The next clip show was a look back at The Simpsons from the Tracey Ullman Shorts to Season 7. It also included deleted seens from some episodes and an alternate ending to Who Shot Mr. Burns? Pt 2.

Season 9’s All Singing, All Dancing was mainly a look back at the songs from the first 8 seasons of the show and it included such classics as: Who Needs The Kwik-E-Mart, We Put The Spring In Springfield and many other classics from that period, along with some new numbers.

Behind The Laughter was a parody of Behind The Music and it also feature some clips like when Principal Skinner announced that he was an imposter in the episode The Principal And The Pauper.

The last true clip show was Gump Roast, written by Dan Castellaneta and his wife Deb Lacusta. It was a roast of Homer by his family and other characters in his life, using clips to talk about his brutish and buffoonish Behavior towards his family and his friends.Let us not forget his stupidity and childishness he shows when things don’t go his way with home projects. At the end of the episode, Dan Castellaneta sings a song called They’ll Never Stop The Simpsons and it mentions a lot of moments during the series, not unlike the song We Didn’t Start The Fire by Billy Joel, which mentions historical events in the verses and middle eight.

For me, I don’t mind these shows as much because they are just a greatest hits package of sorts, using clips to help tell the story, along with new dialog from the characters. They bring back memories and make you want to watch the episodes from where the clips came from again, at least for me. I wish there was at least one more clip show on the way but it looks like there won’t be anymore produced. However, I wouldn’t say never because you never know what the writers have up their sleeve. Maybe some clips will be show’n during the episodes in which Smithers finally comes out to Mr. Burns. Then again, he may just mention the moments in passing.

Actually, The Bob Next Door also has clips of him saying “hello Bart” as he see’s Sideshow Bob pull up to the house next to them. I just wanted to point that out before I forgot about it. Oh, another brief clip was in the Season 3 episode Like Father, Like Clown when we see the end of the Season 1 episode Krusty Gets Busted. This is when Krusty is reminded that he is supposed to go to the Simpsons house for dinner and the clip of Cheif Wiggum admitting his mistake on arresting Krusty is show’n again.
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