Episode And Plot Point Call Backs

Hi folks and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. This weeks post is on the episode Gal Of Constant Sorrow and similarities to other episodes in the series. On one side, you have Bart and Lisa, who discover a homeless woman who turns out to have a great voice for a folk singer. Well, she turns out to be more rough than a polished jewel, when she is found out to be a drug addict.

On the other hand, we see Homer once again trying to show Marge that he is the handy man of the house, when he tries to replace a tile. He actually does this but gets the cat caught inside the wall. At the end of the episode everything is alright again, when Marge tells Homer that she knew what was going on, even when he tried to lie his way out of his screw up, with Snowball II, or whatever the latest cat is now.

This episode calls back some plot points. Usually when Lisa thinks she is onto something, she is always let down and Bart actually tries to protect her from this happening again. Of course, she persists and gets let down, when her homeless folk singer is unable to perform at a gig Lisa got for her at a Springfield festival. It is also a callback sort of, to the episode Lastest Gun In The West, when an old after who was big in westerns (buck McRae) turns out to be an alcoholic. Of course, the family finds out after he gives a failed performance on the Krusty The Clown show.

The other plot point is Homer taking a job in which he is not qualified to do. In this case it is replacing a tile and of course, he screws up by getting the cat caught inside the wall. He does this to show up his wife that he can do anything because he is a man. Well, I’m a dude but I just can’t fix things just like that. I am also a ham radio operator but I can’t put up antenna’s or work with a power supply safely. Yes, I am blind but this makes the point that just because you are of a certain gender you aren’t automatically programmed to do such work like that. This obviously requires classes and well, you get the idea. Right?

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