IOS9… So Far

Hi folks. Yup, it’s a Saturday and unusual for me to post today. But I’ve been thinking about iOS9 and my favourite things about it so far.

I like the new notes option, where you can put notes outside your email and just on your device. In fact, that is how I compose these blog posts for yu each week. I even think the links option is great, if I want to tap on a link to a website I inserted into a note for some reason. Even the attachment browser is a great addition and I have used it to transfer audio files to my Dropbox and to one of my apps, which allows me to store such files.

Another thing I really like is the addition of the Siri voices, when using Voice Over. I like playing with the voices and trying to make them laugh and stuff. TheAmerican female Siri is great for that and to do that I just type in ha-ha. She even breathes after she laughs and even when you just write ah. I don’t know why but I like it and she is a lot of fun to play with.

The other Siri voice I am in love with is the female Austrailian Siri. No, I don’t mean Karen and the Siri voice is actually different from her, in both the accent and vocal range. The Siri voice is a bit deeper and she has more emotion to how she speaks. For example: her voice actually goes up when a question is asked. Karen doesn’t do that and her vocal range is much more restrictive and is not as fun to play with.

I even have the Austrailian female Siri as my default voice for the Austrailian voice, while I use Samantha as the default American voice. I must admit that I actually have a bit of a crush on the Austrailian female Siri too. I wonder who she actually is and it would be really cool to hear her talking naturally and breathing and laughing and, well, you know.

My main point of talking about the Siri voices and their accessibility is that I can make them say and do what ever I want them to. The only thing I can’t make them do is kiss me or make them cry. As for the male voices, well, not much to talk about here and I just use them for reading stuff for me. I mostly use the male US Siri voice to do that, when I feel like it.

As for the rest of iOS9, I am happy with it and everything else is pretty much boring to me and there’s not much else to talk about in a blog. One thing I really should point out is that you can now transfer audiobooks from one device to another, provided that the book is available in your countries iTunes Store. I managed to do that with some of them but not all and hopefully, further fixes will be made to this new feature soon. I actually have some books which I would like to transfer to another device but I can’t because they are not currently available in the Canadian iTunes Store, but were when I bought them last year.

If you have an iOS device and you love or hate iOS9, I’m sure that things will get better when iOS10 comes around in September. That’s about it for this post.


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