Looking Forward To iOS10

Hi folks. This post is about iOS10 and my own thoughts on what it should include. This of course will depend on any changes made to various apps in the next updates in iOS9. For example: last year the music app was completely redone and fixed by the end of 2015.
I hope that iOS10 will continue to allow us to download the Siri voices, as screen reading voices because, in some cases they actually use more inflections that we would use in real life, while speaking to each other. Also, I think the variety of voice options is good in that, we can have a female Australian voice read a story to put us to sleep. We can change it to what ever we want to hear, depending on what it is we are doing at the time. If they could talk to each other, that would be fun, while it is reading a fan fiction story. For example: if Samantha narrated and the male and female American Siri acted out the dialog in such a story it would be really interesting to hear. The only thing that would be a problem is if the wrong voice did a character of the wrong gender. Could you imagine a man talking like a woman in his deep voice as part of a dialog? Well, maybe this would require even more intelligence on the part of Siri, as to the character that is being portrayed in the story.
something else up and thinking about is if music can allow for playlists, why not video playlists? If you have downloaded and purchased TV shows and you want to watch certain episodes in a particular order, while on a trip or for marathon viewing, why not have video playlist which you can create just like you create a playlist of your favourite songs? For example: I like to watch my Simpsons episodes in a chunk and not just the whole season during a particular day and I would love to divide up a season, without having to delete any episodes or put others on other devices. I think that would be a real bonus for not just a long trip with the kids but for those of us at home, who would like to watch episodes in an order we choose.
I have also been thinking about the clock and the use of music as an alarm. When iOS8 was around, you could use music as your alarm to wake you up and it would play the song once. This time with iOS9, the song plays continuously until you unlock the screen or press the sleep button on your iOS device. I hope that for iOS10 we will go back to the alarm clock playing a song once, then silence until the next song you would use to alarm you to wake up or whatever. If you have more than one device you could create a possible mix of music, to wake you up or whatever with iOS8. You can’t really do that now!
That’s about all I can think of right now, for my thoughts on the upcoming iOS10. I will be checking out the Internet for more updates on it and I am looking forward to what will be in store for us this September.


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