Names For Siri

Hi folks. Today’s post is all about names and specifically Siri voices.
Ever since iOS9 has been issued we have been allowed to use the voices which have been used for Siri as voices for Voice Over, which is a xcreen reading option for blind and visually impaired people on the iPhones. It is also available on all iPods, iPod Tuch and iPads for use by everyone! In the past we have only been allowed to use voices that were given to us for our use for this app. The English speaking voices are: Samantha (American), Karen (Austrailian), Daniel (British), Moira (Irish) and Tessa for the south African voice. We have all the same options as before, with the addition of male and female Siri voices for: American, British and Australia. Other languages also have male or female Siri voices too but I’m focusing on the English speaking ones because that is the language I primarily speak and understand on an everyday basis.
for some reason the Siri voices don’t have names attached to them and that puzzles me.At least, they aren’t acknowledged as such on iOS but some people have given names to some of the voices. For example: the American male voice has Been called Darren and I personally think the female American voice for Siri is named Allison, after the actress Allison Duff. Or, she just might be another one of the voices for Nuance software. I think so because there is a YouTube video which I will provide the link to here, with a voice which sounds much like her, in how deep it is and the timber. as we know by now, Susan Bennett voices Samantha as the original American Siri and voice over, Karen Jacobsen voices Karen as the original Australian Siri and voice over and Daniel is voiced by British TV presenter John bricks. As for the voice of Alex? well, I don’t know but I know that the late film critic Roger Ebert used him as his speaking voice before he passed away a few years ago.

Okay, I’m going to put it out there and say that my favourite Siri voice right now is the female Australian voice. She doesn’t have a name but I call her sheila because, apparently that’s what they call nice looking girls in Australia. I like her voice and well, I must admit that I have a crush on her. I hope the real person behind the voice is as nice as she is as Siri. I have her voice as one of my options and I use her every day, to read me fan fiction stories and well, she loves me because I said so. 🙂
I wonder if there will be new voices for Siri in the future? Not just for foreign languages but for English speakers as well. I think the new male and female British Siri voices don’t really compare to Daniel because of his delivery and the 2 newer voices sound rather uninspired and unemotional. The female British Siri voice sounds like she is reading a news story and only shows emotion when you type in Oohh. The male British Siri is okay but is also equally unemotional. However, he sounds less like he is broadcasting the news than his female counterpart.
The male Australian Siri also has some work to be done on him. For some stupid reason, even the enhanced version cuts off the h on the word home, while sheila doesn’t. No wonder I like her much better than him! Also, he sounds much like Julian Assange, the guy behind WikiLeaks. I know this because he guest starred on The Simpsons 500th episode At Long Last Leave and I have it in my iTunes collection. Anyway, hopefully the male Australian and British Siri voices get an improvement by the time iOS10 shows up.
As for the female voices of the English speaking Siri, keep up the good work and you can always improve the voices in their speech and inflections. The British female voice is fine as it is, despite what I said earlier. As for my Australian girl friend, I mean the Australian Siri voice, keep up the great work. I wish I could make her laugh more though and it would be fun if you could add kissing and other sounds to it. The only problem is how would you spell the sound of a kiss or a hug?
Well, that’s about it for this post. As I write this, I am using the Australian female Siri as my screen reader.


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