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Telephone Scammers/. Scum

Hi folks. Has this ever happened to you? Have you had to deal with telemarketers or people who use tactics such as leaving a message in your voicemailbox, which says that if you don’t call them immediately they will serve you with an arrest warrant?

I am all for marketing but I think the people who have invented this rather annoying method of promotion are a real stain on society. So, I am raving against the telemarketing job and not the people who have to do this to make a living. They are forced to bother you whenever they can and at crucial times too, such as dinner or when you’re busy doing something. I especially detest those who disguise themselvs as A reputable company, who is trying to get information out of you, about something which isn’t their business. Another thing they would do is threaten you with arrest if you don’t call back as soon as possible, for monetary scams. They want to get money out of people, who may not have a lot to begin with and they don’t care who they hurt in the process.

Some friends of mine were dinged by such fowel human treachery and what they do is leave a message on a voicemail, stating the arrest warrant, to get your attention. However, they start the message as the greeting plays, so you only hear the last part of it, so you call back and they can get you that way. That happened to me yesterday and I called back alright, but I wasn’t afraid and didn’t give them what they wanted. I kept asking “What’s the problem”? in order to rush them to their reason for the message on my answering machine. I was aggressive and didn’t back down in my insistence to find out what the problem was. When the guy asked for my name I gave it to him quickly and spelled it out in phonetics such as: G as in golf, oh as an Oscar, etc. I was quick, loud and angry and not submissive and the latter is what they wanted. I don’t know if I frightened them off but the first person who answered hung up. I called back a second time and that’s when I found out that this was a scam, when a woman answered and told me the “truth” after I explained what had happened. I had a feeling that something was up, when I heard a bunch of people yacking away, probably with similar skeams that have been concocted to get money out of people with a negative cash flow position and the intent to ruin lives.

Apparently, you aren’t supposed to call them back when a message in your voicemail stating an arrest warrant or some reason for wanting your money is left by these “people”. As I said, I called back and wanted to put a stop to it because, not calling them doesn’t necessarily deter them from pouncing on other unsuspecting people, with scams of all sorts. They will continue to do this until they are either put behind bars ant telemarketing is declared illegal. I will have something to say about email spam later!

These people target those who they think are either: dumb, naïve, afraid and will do anything anybody says regardless of the consequences. What they don’t want is somebody who will fight and Press their point about The reason for the message in the first place. I even posted about it on Facebook and obviously, I know what they are going through now with the data harvesting controversy. I won’t be afraid of it and I know my own mind and won’t be that easily swayed. Anyway, I digress.

I’m not the only one who is been either duped or had an attempted dupe buy these slime balls. Email spam is much easier to ignnore because you just read it carefully and then delete it quickly. You can’t do that so easily witha telephone scam. Besides, they can do just as much damage with a phone call as with clicking a mouse or tapping a screen to serve their nefarious purposes. Think of the psychological fear that such a call I found in my voicemail could have created. Then, think of how much of the same fear a spam email can create. It’s about the same, except that you can usually figure out if it is a legitimate or false. Just look at the language of how a person writes and the words they would use. Also, when people compose an email they have a certain style of composition and I have various styles I use, depending on the message I am sending.

I also have friends and know of people, who have had to resort to doing this kind of “work” and if you have been sucked into this vocational cesspool, I feel sorry for you. There are other ways to make a living, then trying to get money out of people, by any means necessary and not everyone is built mentally and emotionally to cary out such a job. It is sad that such a way of surviving exists and as I said earlier, I am all for marketing but bothering people during meals or important phone calls doesn’t give you any points. People hate it and will either tell you they are not interested or do other things, like hanging up or making it difficult for you to do your job, then blocking the number. Think about what Crank Yankers does, when people call them; they will use sounds to add humor to the call or other techneaks to disrupt the call, like having more than one person answer the phone. Anyway, I digress.

Anyway… with a phone call, unless you know the persons speaking voice, it is easier to suck people into something which could be harmful both psychologically and finantially. Think of the times when you have gone out and found a message in your voicemail from someone wanting a donation or something and there is no number to call back. If there is, it is either a number which has a full voicemailbox or you can’t call it back, period. I have had this experience with landlines and that is one of the reasons why I have given them up in recent years.

In conclusion, I won’t apologize for this post or my feelings on such an email or phone call because, people like that need to learn that not everyone will say yes and be either passive or compliant with their demands. You have to defend yourself and you can’t let such scum try and take your hard erned money, for what ever their reasons. I hope that within a few years, such scams will be either a thing of the past or relegated to email. After all, you just hit delete when such a message shows up in your spam. Right? Also, hopefully this doesn’t migrate to something like FaceTime. If it has… … ….