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Thanks 97.7 HTZFM For The Biggs and Barbecue Yesterday

Hi folks. This is yet another post for today and it is about a good time I had yesterday, at Lakeside Park in St Catharines or rather, Port Dalhousie. This is also the place that Rush named a song after on their 1975 album Caress Of Steel and everything it says in the song is true. Just read up on the place and the band and the album and you will know why it was mentioned in name.

Anyway, this free concert was put on by the morning show The Biggs and Barr show on 97.7 HTZFM in St Catharines Ontario, who are really the coolest radio station in the world. I’m not just saying that because I know them and all. I really mean it and they always put on a great party/ event for the listeners. Did I mention that they are also my friends too?

Anyway, the event was called The Biggs and Barbecue and it was free and for all ages. There were a few bands that played that were known primarily to the diehard listenership. The main Band I wanted to see was Black Collar Union, who are from Hamilton Ontario. They have a hard rock sound similar to nobody else but they did Pay homage to the bands Audio Slave and Rage Against The Machine at the end of their set, by playing a song by both bands.

I didn’t stay for the whole thing because of how crazy it could have become at Union Station if I had left around 9:00 P.M, which was when the concert ended. However, I had a great time and will be there next year, regardless of the weather and how easy or difficult it was to get there and back home. Thanks 97.7 HTZFM for a great time yesterday and I know I share the same sentiment with many other listeners. Especially those who made it for however long they stayed.