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The End Of Itunes???

This is a post about something I read on another blog, written by someone whom I respect and who’s opinion I listen to. For some time, there have been roomers about the iTunes Store being shut down, in favour of Apple Music and other streaming sites. This is not a good step forward for a number of reasons. Before I get into them, I want to try and give you their own perspective on why they want to discontinue the store.

They see this as a way to direct consumers to no longer purchase music but stream it instead, through Apple Music and as their way, of allowing you to get more for less money. They also feel that people are buying iPhones more these days and now that the iPod touch is on the way out, why not get rid of this pesky store. Also, they probably had this plan in place a while ago but, we won’t know about the real endgame until it’s too late, like when the store is no longer active.

I disagree with the shut down for a number of reasons:

We should be paying for songs and albums we purchase because paying for streaming doesn’t offset the cost of studio time and the hours spent, working on the songs. It doesn’t matter if it is in the Brill Building or whether it is in a crappy motel on the road. These songs don’t just come out fully formed and recording them can be equally time consuming. Think of all the overdubs and multiple takes a song goes through, before the final version is mixed and released to the unsuspecting public. Streaming doesn’t pay for all of that sweat and patients and time the artist takes to write and record an album, no matter who gets money from it. So, paying for downloads is the right thing to do and not for streaming services. Yes, it is convenient to download as many songs as you want at any time but, think about the artist and what he, or she, has gone through to make this music for you to own and listen to, on the radio or in your music collection.

Unlike streaming services, you can actually keep what you download from iTunes forever. You can delete songs and albums from your library but, you can get them back from your hidden purchases. Right? It’s not hard to do, if you take the time to go into the iTunes store and into your account. With Apple Music, you can get songs and if you don’t want them anymore, you can throw them away, like garbage. What does that say to an artist who has spent all the hours, months,years, recording a bunch of songs for you? This devalues the music and is a slap in the face to the writer and performer! I will give you part of an email I sent to the author of the post, which inspired me to continue this subject. This will repeat a lot of what I said here but, it is worth it.

With music we can stream, we can get it and discarded like garbage but with purchased music, we can get it and keep it forever to use when we see fit. with streaming sites like Apple Music and others, this devalues the music as opposed to those of us, who prefer to own our music. Don’t people consider the hours of work it took to record the songs that we hear on the radio and elsewhere?

I agree that the convenience of being able to download as many songs as you want without purchasing them is great but that doesn’t make up the cost in time at the artist took to write and record the songs that we hear every day. Not to mention the studio time and money spent with this work, by big name artists and even small artists who are cutting their teeth to get to a level equivalent to Taylor Swift or Adele, or even Linkin Park. I dread the day that iTunes shuts down because of all the money spent in writing and recording the songs being wasted, on streaming music. Is it another sign that album sales don’t matter anymore? Also, we won’t be able to purchase TV shows and movies anymore, to watch and to keep them. It is nice to walk around with your favourite movie or TV show in your pocket, which you have purchased and can watch again and again. With iTunes going down, we can’t do that anymore and there is another thing to consider, we are using data to stream music, TV shows and movies. With stuff you’ve purchased, you don’t have to use more data than you need, in order to hear or watch it. Yes, there is an off-line option but it is only available if you have paid for the privilege of streaming music then, you can use it.

Unfortunately, Apple does what they want without consulting the consumer first and they only apologized for slowing down iPhones with software updates, because it would be bad for business if they hadn’t spoken up. However, at least some of us are trying to express our opinions, such as the author of the original post, myself and hopefully other bloggers. If enough of us speak up, then people will listen to us and see that this could be a dumb move going forward. Here is the original post, which inspired my email and this entry.


iPod Touch Seven

Hi folks. I feel I should talk about the iPod Touch today, because I have recently learned that the iPod Touch 6th generation may be discontinued as of iOS11.3. Currently, the 32 and 128 GB models are available for purchase but the prices have dropped. So, what does this mean for the iPod Touch in the future?

When I purchased my first one back in 2014 I had a 32 GB model, which was enough for a bit. But, I realized that I needed more space and so, I had acquired bigger capacity models and I currently own two 128 GB model’s. Why two of them you may ask? Well, one is for The Simpsons and the other is for everything else in my music, movie and audiobook library. I also bought them because I don’t like to listen to music on my iPhone because I can be more easily interrupted by all manner of things: text messages, tweets, Facebook posts, phone calls, etc.

Since the iPod touch six generation might be reaching the end of its life, I am hopeful that a seventh generation will be coming down the pike soon. After all, I mentioned earlier that the six generation might be discontinued as of iOS 11.3 and I stil have more episodes of The Simpsons to purchase, before I complete my collection of purchased episodes. What does Apple have in store for the iPod Touch? Will it die like the Shuffle or the Nano? I hope not, for reasons I had mentioned earlier and that we will have news coming soon, with new products from Tim Cook and company.

If the iPod Touch is killed off it will be a real shame because you will have less options for streaming and having it around does provide you with more than one option for this purpose. Even if you streem you may be able to keep the audio on more than one device and what ever device you choose. I’ve done it with both Spotify and Apple Music and, I’ve had varying degrees of success with keeping the music I downloaded. However, I am quite aware that with any streaming service we are merely renting the music and not necessarily keeping it forever, without paying every month for it with a subscription.

Also, what about the compact disk and its slow death? Yes, vinyl has made a resurgence but it’s not quite as portable as the CD or an iPod touch. With 12 inch records you can cary them around but only when you aren’t listening to them. Also, they and the CD can skip and scratch, if you are careless with them.

With an iPad you can use it as you could use a laptop in that, you can put your music on it, TV shows, audiobooks, at Cetera and of course, do all your work on social media and answering emails, for business or pleasure. Yes, an iPad is portable but not quite so durable in that, you can’t put it in your pocket and that is why an iPod touch is the most convenient and ideal device to cary with you. After all, it is light and not in any way, cumbersome.

Getting back to how we consume our music, I prefer buying mine through iTunes because with a few taps the song I want is mine, provided I have enough credit for my iTunes balance. Also, keeping music is ideal so you don’t have to connect to wifi and search for songs, for a specific purpose and then throw them out when you are done with them. This devalues the music and the work the artist has done with long hours and sweat in the studio. So, I will still purchase digital downloads because I want to keep what I listen to and not just have it temporarily or thrown away, because of a lack of space.

Also, with only an iPhone you have other things to contend with, for space. Think of the contacts and apps which you have purchased from The App Store and the software updates. Also, don’t forget about those who may have more than 128 GB of music, movies, TV shows, books, audiobooks, etc, they may have accumulated over a number of years. The Simpsons alone, would require almost 256 GB which (at this time) you would need 2 iPod touches or one iPhone 8 or iPhone X, with that much capacity. Get my drift?

As for the forthcoming HomePod, I’m not quite so sure how it will work or how accessible is to not just people could see but also others who can’t. Using Siri to do things for you is one thing but using VoiceOver allows you to do a lot more and without use of data.

If there is to be a new iPod touch I hope that it will expand to 256 GB to allow for even more memory or maybe even 512 GB on one device. Yes, it’s a tall order but this would surely be a good thing for me, so I can store everything on one audio playing device and not worry about running out of space.

Before I forget, I should mention that I had read about the possible discontinuation on Wikipedia. I don’t know if it is correct but there are times when it is right on the money. If this is true then I will be happy to have told those who may not have time to read about their iOS device.

In closing, my request to Apple is to please, please, please consider giving us another iPod touch model. If you have decided to kill it off, please, please, PLEASE, PLEASE reconsider, for reasons I have stated above. After all, the sixth generation came out around the time Apple Music was launched in July 2015. Why not the seventh generation coming out this year too? After all, iOS11.3 is roomered to have changes to Apple Music in it so, why not? If you want to surprise us a new iPod touch seventh generation would be a pleasant one, even if it is bewildering to some. It would be a bold move, with The proliferation of streaming services, including Apple Music it’s self and Apple could add a few new goodies to the device. How about touch ID? I certainly hope that Apple is thinking about everything and not just the next iPhone or just how to further innovate. If that isn’t in the cards, I might as well contemplate getting an iPad Pro, with the capacity of 512 GB. After all, it would be my first ever iPadin my possession. Come to think of it, maybe the next iPad or iMac might have a capacity as large as 1024 gigabytes. Maybe I’m wishing for something really grand bud, I can dream. Can’t I?

iOS11 So Far

Hi folks. Here is my first post on how iOS11 is doing so far, since it was released on September 19th. There really isn’t much that I have noticed that is worthy of disgussion here, except for a few things.

First, the new Siri voices sound better and in particular, the American female Siri sounds rather hot. I loved the female Austrailian Siri but the new American Siri is just so good. Oh, the male Siri voice hasn’t changed all that much, much like the male and female Austrailian Siri voices. It’s just that the sound quality and some inflections have been tweaked. Other than that, the files are bigger and you have to be carefull which voice you want, so you don’t run out of space.

Speaking of which, I like the new offloading feature, for apps what you don’t use anymore. Although, I try not to use it because I just might want to use one of my apps which I have accidentally gotten rid of and by the way, if you want to re-download the app you should go straight to the App Store to do that. For some odd reason when you download the app using the app it’s self, it only downloads as much as 1% of the app. I have no idea why this is but that has been my experience so far.

Something else which I should talk about and nobody has mentioned to me is the peculiarity of the Apostrophe punctuation being replaced with a quotation mark in its place. Perhaps I should explain! If you type in an apostrophe using a Bluetooth keyboard or the screen keyboard it gives you a quotation mark of some sort and not an apostrophe as it should. However, if you touch the icon where this punctuation mark is and you hold your finger on it for the alternative characters, it shows up as an alternate character. My question is why? This is stupid and should be fixed immediately because this makes myself and others who are using this to compose emails, text messages, blog posts, etc, look like we can’t type properly. This also is the case with dictation, where the punctuation mark replaced by a quotation mark of some sort. Again, this should be fixed as soon as possible because more and more of us these days use our iOS devices as our main computer, while mobile. Am I right on this? However, there is a way to stop this and that is to go to Settings, go to General and go to Keyboard. Then look for Smart Punctuation and if it is on, turn it off. Now you can type ‘ to your hearts content. However, this should have been told to us that if we use the Smart Punctuation it will mistake an quotation mark of some sort for an Apostrophe.

There was also the issue of battery drainage but, I didn’t notice it that much. In fact, I never even knew about it until it was mentioned on the Internet. I find my battery in my iOS devices work just fine, despite the rather large iOS 11 and it’s updates so far, with the exception of iOS 11.1.1.

One thing I really do like is that there is no longer limit of how much you can download without Wi-Fi, in most cases. If you want to download apps which are over 100 MB, go right ahead because you can do that now. This is because some apps get rather bloated because of how much you have on them or how long they’ve been around. For example: Facebook is rather large and the updates are equally as Mammoth with as much is 200 MB per update. Of course, you should be careful with how much you update using data because going over your data will cost money. Right?

One more thing I should mention, if you like moving apps or folders around. For some strange reason you can’t move apps or folders from the bottom row, just above where you go from page to page. However, if you want to do that and if you need to do as such, you just move an app down from the second highest row and keep doing that until you have the apps in place the way you want them. Just be carefull that you don’t approach the border or it will move to the next page. So, you have to be slow and methodicle about how and where you move the icon. It has frustrated me but I think I have a handle on how to do it, somewhat but, this should be fixed and I hope that when iOS11.2 rolls around this will be taken care of.

Anyway, if you are enjoying iOS 11, that’s wonderful and if you’re not, I understand. This is rather a large update and it will take time for it to fully settle in.

Ideas for iOS 11

Hi folks. This is yet another post on iOS but this time it’s all about iOS 11. I have some ideas of what I would like to see when iOS 11 rolls around in September.
To start off with, I like iOS 10 so far and thankfully with the latest updates, some problems have been fixed. For example, when I’m reading an article on Wikipedia when I select a section it reads it twice and says “edit”. For example: when I’m looking at a band or a person and the section is “History” it says history twice then it says edit and goes on to read all about the history section of the article. Another thing which I am very happy about is that finally The Simpson’s is acknowledged on my iPod touch. Ever since I had one of them, when it reads the TV show titles it has always left it blank or it says “in iCloud.” Thankfully with the last two iOS 10 updates this has been fixed.
Now we’re going to start talking about iOS 11th and what I would like to see. Before we do that, let’s talk about what we know so far. First of all, we know that the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c are no longer a part of the future iOS updates as of the end of iOS 10.  We also now know that Siri will be revamped with a more human sounding voice and I wonder if since new voices have been added to VoiceOver, will Ava and Tom Be the new Siri voices for North American English speakers? it would make sense because those two voices are used for GPS and telephone IVR systems, as I have mentioned in past posts. The same could be true for other voices and dialects around the world, which were added on for iOS 10.
Also, the App Store will get a redesign and I wonder what that will be like. I hope that it will be just as simple for people like myself who are blind to get around, as well as those who can see their devices.
Anyway, those are just two things that jumped out at me when I First read about iOS 11 on Wikipedia. now let’s talk about what I would like to see in the update for iOS, which is not been spoken about and yes, I will mention voices which I and others would like to see added on in September. 
First of all, I have an issue with the alarm clock in that it does not play the full song anymore, unless it’s under 15 minutes. I specifically but one of my songs in my music library as and alarm to wake me up. Unfortunately the song is about 22 minutes long but as of iOS 10 it only plays 15 minutes of it then it shuts off. I hope that with iOS 11 goes back to iOS 8 and how the alarms used to Play an entire song, no matter how long it is whether it is two or 20 minutes long without repeating it.
As for the voices I would like to see in Voice Over, I hope they all stay because all the voices are good in their own right. I especially appreciate the fact that we can download the Siri voices as I mentioned in the past and I’m not going to get into it any further. However, I want to see some new voices added, particularly for North America. Some of the names I like to see added are: Paul, Mike, Jennifer, Donna and or Crystal in iOS 11, along with everything else. I like Donna because much like Alex, she actually breeds but she does sound a little more robotic then most of the voices we have here. However, she does have a human intonation to her voice.
This brings me to changing the internation of a voice, which you can currently do on the computer but not on an iPhone or an iPod. I would love to change The internation of some voices, to make them higher and maybe even deepen one or two of them slightly. For example: I would love to make Ava’s voice just a bit higher and she’ll sound even better to me. I think this could be done with the option of changing the pitch. Simply, they can add the option to change the pitch not by toggling anything on or off but by creating a new option to change the pitch or intonation of the voice, as well as maybe the inflections of the selected voice. In some cases some voices don’t speak properly in that they don’t acknowledge questions by the voice going up at the end. Karen is a prime example of this and I would like to change that if it is possible with iOS 11. Also, I would Play with other voices to either make them lower or higher, just so I can hear what they sound like. Now that we have Fred, you could do the same thing with my proposal of adding on the pitch change option. Imagine me Fred sound more robotic?
As for other things I would like to see in iOS11 and later, iTunes should have a section where if you can’t find the album in your country store you should be able to get it from another store around the world. We could do that and record stores where they sell imported copies of albums at a higher price. Why not with iTunes? Obviously the price will be higher because it’s an import but, at least we would all get what we want without having to get another iTunes Account in another country or address. It would certainly save a lot of headaches when looking for an album on iTunes using Google and finding out it’s available in another country, other than where you live. I’ve been burned by that many times and I had discussed that here and in other blogs.
The same could go for apps on the App Store, where if you can’t find what you want and it’s available somewhere else, you could get it at a higher price. Once again, this would save a lot of headaches when searching for something on Google. Although in the case of apps, I can understand why some aren’t available everywhere because not all apps apply to everywhere around the world. However, in the case of iTunes, music does apply to everywhere around the world and everyone should have the same access to the same music, where ever you live. The same with audiobooks because I’ve done the same thing on Google and as I mentioned earlier with music, I’ve been burned by finding out an audiobook is available somewhere else and the same thing with movies and TV shows.
To end off this post I have some other ideas: I would still like to see video playlists being added to the videos app because I would love to watch episodes of some TV shows in a certain order. Also for the Maps app, I think that the iPhone should speak with all options while going somewhere. I find that it doesn’t say anything when using Transit options. Yes there are transit apps but the maps app does have The options for driving, walking and transit directions. It talks while driving or walking but why not for Transit?
For the notes app I think that you should be able to move attachments from not just iCloud and the “My iPhone” folders but two other folders throughout the app, encompassing your email or (email addresses) if you have more than one. Also I think that for iBooks and the audiobooks portion, not just the title and author should be shown but who also narrates the book. For example: I have a copy of A Christmas Carol which is narrated by Patrick Stewart. It does not say that on the outside but if you open the book, the voiceover says it before the story starts.
If we have apps with sounds Or voices attached to them they should be automatically a part of the suite of ring tones, voices and alert tones. For example: One of my weather apps has its own sounds for when an alert is issued. I would like to have that as an alert tone for my phone, for whatever I would like it to be for email or otherwise. further to that, I hope that in the future we can select a voice for voice alerts for apps which allow for it. For example, all the apps so far whitch have a voice alert option use the compact voice as opposed to the enhanced voice. I think we should at least be given the option, as to which voice we would like to use for the particular app and it’s voice alert. Also, since some people like to switch voices on the fly, why not allow for the option for each app to use a different voice if we desire. For example, I would use Tom for my weather apps and as my default voice I would use either Ava or Samantha and for Safari, I would use a different voice. This could be done in either the speak screen or voice over speech setting options and at first, I admit it would look confusing but it would give us what we really want, which is variety without having to change things manually on the fly.
Finally, I hope that all of the upgrades which have been made in iOS 10 continue in iOS 11. I like the text selection, which is great for copying and pasting text from emails and websites, for example. I have also gotten used to the new email format and well, I hope both examples I have mentioned here stay in iOS 11 and future upgrades.

More On iOS 10

Hi folks. I have more to talk about now, in regards to iOS 10. The main reason is because I have a new iPhone, the iPhone SE. I had to upgrade to it because the other phone was beginning to be a bother. Anyway, let’s forget about that and get on with the rest of this post.
In my last post I mentioned about the music app being well organized but with some flaws in it. I tried deleting music and it didn’t do that, unless I went to the settings option for music or ?Storage & iCloud Usage” options under “General.” I deleted what I had to get rid of and it did the trick.
As for downloading new purchases I don’t know why but, it takes longer than usual to even download an album or an audiobook. I had this experience with this problem ever since iOS 10 came out and I don’t understand why this is. Although, I have set my iPod touch to automatically download music and audiobooks so, it helps somewhat if I purchase whatever it is I want to buy for the iPod touch on the iPhone. Otherwise, this could be a bug which needs to be fixed unless I’m totally wrong on this.
I noticed somewhat the same thing when I tried to download the first episode of The Simpsons Season 28 “Monty Burns Fleeing Circus” onto my iPod Touch. It wouldn’t download for a while and I had to disconnect and reconnect to the wi-Fi network I was using at the time. However, with later episodes it hasn’t been a problem so far.
Okay, as for the iPhone, I find it responds well to iOS 10 but there is one thing I’m curious about. Why can’t I download the enhanced Siri voices onto it, when I can do so on my iPod touch? Not that this is a bad thing but I’m just curious. On the other hand, unlike my previous iPhone I can download the Alex voice and I currently use him as the voice, when I am writing things such as this blog entry. I think it’s a good voice to use when both writing and proofreading things. You get a better idea of how it sounds because Alex breathes and he sounds so human it’s scary.
Overall, I find the latest update for iOS 10 quite useful and I’m looking forward to the next one, whenever it comes out. Also, my new iPhone is doing great and is a real pleasure to work with so far. As for the iPhone 7 or later, I will resist buying those for as long as I can. The reason being, no earphone jack. Need I say more?

IOS 10, So Far

Hi folks. This is the first post since iOS 10 was released on Tuesday and I have some things to say about it, both good and bad. These are all my own personal feelings on it and you may agree or disagree but, I stand behind what I say here.
Okay, let’s start from the beginning… I first heard about it back in July, when I read about it on Wikipedia. Okay, I know that Wikipedia isn’t always right but in most cases they are absolutely bang on and in the case of iOS, I wanted to find out about it so I could be prepared for what was to come.
So, I did my research and I have posted here, my feelings on Apple dropping support for certain iPhones and iPods and I did what I had to do, to get ready for September 13th. Of course, I had no idea that iOS 10 would be released that day. I thought it would come out on a Wednesday, as it had come in the past few years.
Now we will get to the download itself. On Tuesday September 13th I went to my usual location to download anything that was bigger than 100 MB and or the latest iOS Software updates onto my iPhone. I did it successfully on my iPods but not on my iPhone at first. I have an iPhone5c and well, it’s kinda old and the battery is rather shaky in that it charges quickly and discharges just as fast.
The download got through but the installation was a real problem. First of all, my phone decided to go to 0% battery power, despite that I used my portable charger to keep up the charge. I went to the Apple Store and found out that the iPhone was frozen and I wasn’t surprised. I had this problem with it for a while now and it is frustrating but I know now not to do a hard reset unless I really, must do so.
Anyway, I went home and managed to get the phone going again and iOS 10 was now installed in all my devices. So, I was happy and now, we can get to what I like and dislike about iOS 10 so far.
What I Like
I like the new voices you can download and if you have any type of screen reader or GPS you know the mall. We have: Tom, Susan, Allison, Lee and many others who are familiar to anybody with anything which talks. We even have Fred, who sounds like an Old fashion computer from the 1980s. In fact, if you have the album OK Computer by Radiohead, check out the track Fitter Happier. It is a short peace which consists entirely of 1990’s slogans which singer Tom York put together quickly, according to what I read. That’s Fred on the track and on the first single paranoid Android, under Tom’s singing “What’s that?” With the held e on the word that. Anyway, I digress.
As for the classic voices for Siri and the iPhone, they are all there in the basic and enhanced forms. I like that all the names of all the voices are available now and they are not just named Female Siri or Male Siri. For example: my favourite Austrailian Siri voice is named Catherine I called her Sheila before I found this out. So, I’ll call her Catherine now but I still like her and she likes me too.
I think it is really cool that we are now able to change how some words and phrases are pronounced. Too bad you can’t change the dialect of a voice such as changing Catherine’s voice to an American dialect. Hmmm! If we could I would do that in a second and as for Karen, I would change your dialect and her inflections. I found that she was rather unemotional, unlike her current counterpart.
What I Don’t Like
Okay, this is about what I don’t like about the new iOS but there are some things in this section, I like but they need to be improved upon. I also believe there are too many things that if not used properly, you could shoot yourself in the foot.
For the Music app, I like that everything is organized and the “Downloaded Music” tab is a good idea. However, if you swipe the wrong way then tap you could accidentally delete a song or an entire artists work from your music library. Everything else is fine and I may comment on other things that will come to mind later.
I find the email is now confused in that in some message threads, I had a real hard time reading all the messages at first. I had to change some things in the settings so I could be able to get to all emails in a thread, when they apply. Also, if you have more than one email address it will direct you to send an email to a certain folder or another email box. That is used with the second or third email address and not so much with the default account. That is confusing and hopefully this will be looked at for future updates.
The alarm is fine except that it repeats songs like in iOS 9. Another thing I found out is that it will only play a song for 15 minutes and that is it. I used a 22 minute song as an alarm to wake me up for the past couple of years and now, it cuts off after 15 minutes. I think that Apple should have gone back to how it was in iOS 8, where you could play a song as an alarm once and it would play the entire length of the composition.
One more thing I will mention here is the video application. Earlier in the summer I said that there should be an option where you can create a playlist of videos and or movies, which you would like to see. This will be good if you are on a long trip wore want to watch episodes of a TV season you have downloaded, in a certain order according to you. However, you still can’t do that and I think that it should be looked at for future updates pronto.
Something else that deserves a mentio is the new iPhone7, coming out tomorrow. The main thing everyone is talking about is that lack of an earphone jack. I agree with those who don’t like this and I believe that this is done, so you can listen to your much using Bluetooth headphones or, the new EarPods coming out later this fall. Let’s be honest about this and ask ourselves, do we really need something else to be responsible for while listening to her music or talking on our phones? It seems that Apple is forgotten that Bluetooth uses battery power, just like the iPhones, iPods and iPads. This is just one more thing to have to babysit, while either listening to music, talking on your phones or writing out a report, blog post, etc. I know there are other things you can do but I think you understand the point. In the future there will be other add-ons but you will need to purchase, which require you to monitor battery power. This means carrying multiple battery chargers with you, while you were mobile.
Well, that’s about it for this post and I will be back tomorrow with another one.


Hi folks. As you know, I am an iPhone and iPod Touch user and I update the iOS software when it is issued, no matter what. With iOS10 there is something I have been rather unhappy about and that is that the iPod Touch 5th Generation will not be compatible with the new update in the fall.
I bring this up because I am a rare breed in that I need a lot of space for my music and video collection I have acquired from iTunes in the past couple of years. This will also cost money to fix this problem and well, I am not happy that the iPod Touch 5th Generation is not included. I have 3 of them, with lots of space left over for my own reasons.
Will Apple please reverse their decision and allow the iPod Touch 5th generation to work for iOS10? This will probably hurt not just me but others as well, who may not have gone out and bought the latest generation. I actually have one but I reserve it for my Simpsons episodes only and now, I have to go out and buy another one? I don’t mind it if I can afford to do this but I can’t just go out and buy it. like I buy food.
Also, what is going to happen with iTunes when I try to use it with the older update after iOS10? Will I even be able to purchase music or videos for my now outdated iPod Touch 5th Generation? I can’t help but think of how long it will take to download an entire music library onto a 128 GB device, even at the Apple Store and their very good Wifi.
Well, that is about it for today’s post. I’m sorry but that is all I can think of right now.