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Let’s Talk About Death

Hi folks and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. Okay, we have another death in the entertainment industry to talk about and that is Glenn Frey of the band The Eagles. He was 67 years old and sang the lead on such songs as: New Kid In Town, Take It Easy, Already Gone, Heartache Tonight, among others. He also had some success as a solo artist with hits like: Smugglers Blues, The Heat Is On, You Belong To The City and True Love in the 1980s on movie soundtracks and on his solo albums.

I’m glad the Eagles reunited when they did for the fans in 1994 and even released new music since then too. The other thing that was good is that nothing really was tarnished from what we remember them for because everyone was in great health and sounded great on their instruments. Sadly, Glenn is gone now and I was shocked to hear that he died because he has always had a great healthy body, with the exception of some stomach problems in 1994. He was one of the driving forces of the band, along with Don Henley and will be missed.

Speaking of death, this weeks post talks about such deaths which have occurred in The Simpsons timeline. I have a few that are of significans to characters in the sho Which I will acknowledge here.

The first one is Bleeding Gums Murphy, who appeared in the episodes: Moaning Lisa, Dancin’ Homer and ‘Round Springfield. This last one was when he met his unfortunate demise in the hospital, after he loaned Lisa his saxophone so she could play it with her school band; most of whom were getting their appendix taken out, after Bart had his taken out. This death obviously hit Lisa pretty hard and I don’t blame her for wanting everyone in Springfield to know all about Bleeding Gums, especially after Reverend Lovejoy screwed up his name And ocupation, while conducting the funeral service for him. It would have been nice if the joke was actually revealed that Dr. Hibburt and Bleeding Gums were actually long lost half brothers before his death. But how would this have shaped the rest of the show from there on in?

The second death may not have been as important to Homer as it is to his son. Frank Grimes appeared in the episode Homer’s Enemy and had been driven crazy by the incompetence of Homer and how he had everything he wanted despite his short comings. This is while Frank had to work for everything he had and after trying to make a fool of Homer by entering him in a contest for children, Homer wins. Frank runs a muck throughout the plant and comes across a sign saying “very high voltage” and decides to touch the wires anyway and dies as a result. What if Homer and Frank actually liked each other? Would it have been as funny? What if Frank Grimes Jr. Hadn’t tried to kill Homer in a later episode and just fixed his car, while introducing himself. Homer seems to have no recollection of Frank Grimes when he is mentioned so, I’m not sure how I would approach it if I was to write a fan fiction story about Frank Grimes Jr in Homer’s life. However, I have been thinking about it ever since watching the episode Homer’s Enemy.

The third death which is important to not only Ned Flanders but to the show itself is Maude Flanders. She was killed after a volley of t-shirts hit her, as she was going to get hot dogs for Ned and the kids. Homer even felt remorse for what happened and tried to help Ned anyway he could, in his own idiotic way. He made a video revealing dangerously personal information about Ned and somehow, Ned had some dates but nothing ever really panned out. Until he met a Christian Rock singer who was playing a song at the church service that week, after Ned almost didn’t go. He found love later of course, when he met and married Edna Krabappel and now she’s gone too. Will Ned remarry again?

There are other deaths I could have mentioned here but these are the 3 most important ones which have happened within the timeline of The Simpsons. I made sure not to include any deaths from the Treehouse Of Horror series because they are not within the timeline and they only happen for that short within the episode. For example: Groundskeeper Willie was killed 3 times during Treehouse Of Horror V and Homer and Bart have died a few times within varius Treehouse episodes too.

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