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Wralph Wiggum Loves Someone

Hi folks and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. First of all, my apologies to those of you who are following this blog and have received some strange emails about Weather Radio. I am currently in the process of updating a new website which I will announce here, next week at the end of the post.

Second, I hope that those of us in Southern Ontario are keeping warm, after a milder winter so far. We have been hit with a deep freeze and hopefully, it will be just a blip this season. Here’s hoping that spring will come soon and we can shed our winter jackets.

This weeks post is all about Valentines Day on The Simpsons. My favourite episode is I Love Lisa from Season 4. It’s the one where Wralph Wiggum doesn’t get a valentines card from any of his class mates and Lisa feels sorry for him, so she gives him a card. This causes him to say “you choo choo choose me”? This quote has also ended up as an alert tone for iPhones and other iOS devices!

Then Wralph thinks Lisa loves him but she just likes him. During the Krusty The Clown 29th Anniversary Special he declares his love for Lisa and she loudly tells him no and that she only gave him the card because nobody else would.

This got me to thinking about another story involving Wralph and Alison Taylor, that I found in the Fan Fiction archives last year. This one see’s the two becoming a couple and just like in the episode, they go to the Krusty The Clown 30th Anniversary Special together. He declares his love for Alison Taylor and she reciprocates. The story goes on to flash forward to their high school and college days and eventual marriage. Oh, the story is called For The Love Of A Special Someone.

It would be nice if Wralph actually had someone who loved him and cared for him. I know he is rather an odd character but even he should have someone in his life. Maybe Alison Taylor may actually become the love of his life in an episode one day.
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The School Bus Dream

Hi folks. I’m sorry I hadn’t published anything on a Wednesday lately. I just simply hadn’t had anything to write about, untill today.

This is going to sound strange but as a kid I had this fascination with buses and in particular, old school buses. My favorites are the ones that would operate with manual transmission and with the putt putt engines. I used to hear trucks with the same sound as those buses all the time and I would be wishing I was in one of them, even with the bumpedy bumpedy bumps along the way.

I actually liked sitting at the front so I could hear the bus being driven and I never liked it when everyone was talking because it drouned out the sound of the bus moving and or running.

Every few nights or so I have had this dream about riding one of those buses again and I would hear the sound of the first gear in the dream. I hope that those old buses are around somewhere and also, hopefully in Canada. I would love it if I could ride on one of them again so I could hear what they sounded like and remember what they sounded like, going up a gear and on the highway and gearing down.

I would also love to ride on one of the modern buses too but nothing has come up to allow me the opportunity for this to happen. The only buses I’ve ridden on lately are public transit buses and inner-city coaches. They don’t pale in comparison to the school bus but I miss writing on those vehicles anyway. If there is such an opportunity for this to happen, I hope it’s me who gets to ride on those buses again… So I can smell the smells and touch the seats and the windows. Maybe I can finally learn how to open and shut them too and touch The stanchions as I get on and off the bus.

This dream has been going on for a few years now, since June 1993, when I last rode on one of the older buses like that and this Youtube video also made me compose this post.
Anyone have any idea how old this bus is in this video? I’m just asking. Anyway, that’s all I have for today.