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Annual Blog Review For 2015

Hi folks. This is the annual blog review, for 2015. This year I have continued my Simpsons Sunday posts and the Weather Wednesday posts have also continued, until recently. This is because I haven’t had much to write about on this topic.

In my Simpsons posts I have discussed recent episodes that have aired at the time. Another thing I have continued to do is talk about characters within episodes. One of them is Kevin, who is a blind boy who appeared in the Season 21 episode Stealing First Base. I like how the writers have been respectful to the blind community as they could, but also playing up that this is a comedy. One thing I don’t understand is why the entertainment industry feels the need to have blind people touch the face, in order to recognize people. I don’t blame anyone from The Simpsons for this though. I highlight this because I am also blind from birth.

. Something else I have mentioned throughout this year and once last year was the stories written by fans, based on The Simpsons. I have read a few complete and partial stories this year and I must admit, the fans have a great imagination. Some have even created their own characters and used existing stories from episodes as a basis for their own story. One story involves Lisa and Nelson becoming a couple again, while Bart finds a new girlfriend. No, it’s not any of the girls we know of and it’s a new character created by the author.

I have even found some Sideshow Bob based episodes in which he wishes to make amends with Bart and in one episode, Bart dies from illness. If you would like the links to them, just let me know and I’ll send you the links.

I have even dabbled in some writing in the past couple of years too and my stories are based on blindness. One has Homer going blind because of a work related accident and Bart just goes blind out of the blue. They are their own plots and I haven’t completed either one of them yet but hope to at some point. I am using existing characters in my stories except for my Krusty one, where I create a character based on me. It involves Krusty’s father and was written before he was killed off in 2014. I may change it but I’m not sure yet. I’m not really sure if I will include the stories in the blog but I’ll have to think about it. Oh, my Krusty story does not mention blindness but involves Krusty retiring, again.

I can’t forget about the people who have also been a part of the history of The Simpsons from 1989 to present day, who have passed away this year. In particular, Sam Simon in March and Alex Rocco in July. I have written posts acknowledging the passing of both these two men and their contributions to the show. If you’d like to read them, check out the archives for either March or July.

Another thing I have also done is commented on recent events such as iOS 9 and new album reviews. I have published 2 such reviews this year on new albums by Disturbed and Queen. Thankfully the Disturbed album debuted at No. 1 as I had hoped. Another previous album I reviewed .5: The Gray Chapter by Slipknot also debuted at the top spot on the album charts. I wish I could take credit for this but I don’t have proof that my post had any impact on this.

I have also been writing about things such as: how the new music release day has changed from Tuesday to Friday. I think it is a win win for everyone, if everyone cooporates with each other. This post did not appear in this blog and was a guest post in another blog by Alan Cross. Here is the link to it.

If you have followed Alan on Twitter, you will have noticed that my 2 previous album reviews I mentioned earlier have also appeared in the blog as links to this one.

Another thing I have continued to do from time to time, is write about random things that have been on my mind. One such point of discussion was my dream about the school bus. I have yet to ride on one and well, hopefully I get to soon.

This year I took a further dip into the iTunes waters and besides the bands and albums I have reviewed in the past 2 years of the blog, I have managed to collect the entire essential albums from The Beatles. I have some other albums to purchase and I will have all the songs.

My favourite period of their Development is from 1966 onward and especially The Beatles (White Album) and Abbey Road. Don’t get me started on Let It Be, because I don’t like it except for a few songs And moments.

As for 2016, the blog will continue as long as I can write and for as long as I have idea’s coming out of me, about things that interest me. In writing about those things I insert points about my own life that go along with what I am discussing. It’s not that I don’t want to write about my life both past and present… I feel it may come off as I am complaining about how things have gone for me and how they are now. Actually, I have things to say about my life course that aren’t exactly flattering to people involved, in some cases and in others I have a great deal of gratitude for what they have done for me.

I would like to thank everyone who has followed me through the blog and also on Twitter and Facebook throughout the year. I haven’t been Tweeting much lately because of having to watch my data for this month. I will hopefully be back tweeting and retweeting and posting again in 2016. I also hope to have my Weather Wednesday posts return to the blog. It’s just been so quiet on the weather front that I have had nothing really to write about, without repeating myself. I like sameness but I also know that there is a need to move forward and I wouldn’t want to be writing the same post over and over again.

Anyway, this has been a great year for me and hopefully 2016 will be even better for all of us, no matter where we are in the world and in our lives.


The Simpsons And Radio

Hi folks and welcome to another Simpsons Sunday. Before I get into the meat of this post, I would like to wish my American friends a happy belated Thanksgiving Thursday. Did you watch Lisa With An ‘S’ last Sunday? What got my attention was a couple of things: the Broadway call back to the season 17 episode My Fair Laddie and the song Indoors All Night, as well as referencing one of the signature songs by Ethel Merman. Other than that, this episode didn’t do anything for me but you may have your own opinions on it, when you get a chance to watch it.

This week I’m going to talk about things that I have a strong interest in, that The Simpsons haven’t poked fun at so far. One of them, which is a North American thing that I have a real interest in is Weather Radio. I’m curious if any of the writing or production staff know what NOAA Weather Radio is and if they even have one or two around the house. The voice actors can surely do the voices justus and as for Paul, well, they can use a similar robotic voice. After all, they’ve made fun of Siri in the past and even GPS navigation. I wonder what the reaction would be if the sound of the Emergency Alert came over the TV, as a part of a Simpsons story.

Okay, one of the things that Weather Radio in both the US and Canada has been using to alert listeners of severe weather is something called Specific Area Message Encoding or SAME. It consists of 3 long beeps then a either a warning message or canned voice message. Then there are 3 shorter beeps, known as the EOM. This newish alert protocol allows for text to be sent to Weather Alert Radios with SAME capability and you can program these radios to only alert you for your local area and in some cases, for only watches and warnings you wish to be warned about.

Another thing that I hope they can get into at some point is Ham Radio. They have mentioned it in passing with various characters but nobody has ever really tried it out in a story, throughout an episode. This could be a chance for Principal Skinner and Selma to finally get together as a couple of hams and talk on their radios together, despite Skinner’s Mother’s objections. This also makes me wonder about using CB radio in a story or even a police scanner. Some people use them to their advantage in many ways and I am a listener as well. All though, I mainly listen to rail or weather frequencies most of all. All though sometimes I listen to the VHF aircraft band too, among other things.

back to ham radio for a second, I think it would be cool if Tim Allen would guess star at some point. I like his comedy and I think a character he voices would get along great with Homer. Don’t you think?

Well that’s about it for my post on what I would like to see or hear on The Simpsons in the future. On the birthday front, Pamela Hayden, who voices Milhouse Van Houten, Jimbo Jones and other characters turned another year older yesterday. What I like about her is that she can voice a wide range of characters: from Milhouse to Jimbo Jones, to Sarah Wiggum and many other minor or one time characters so seamlessly. It is a real pleasure to have her voice on The Simpsons and I’m just happy that I know what she really sounds like, from searching on Youtube a couple of years ago.

Well that’s about it for this Simpsons Sunday post. In the mean time, I recommend checking out Chris Ladesma’s blog. He is the Music Editor for The Simpsons and has been since day 1.
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Anyway, that is it for this weeks post. Talk to you again on Weather Wednesday.

Back To Work And Back To School

Hi folks and welcome to another Weather Wednesday. This week, we are back to school and back to work but the weather doesn’t reflect it yet. This is not unusual but of course, that changes within a week or less.

This is the meteorological autumn and of course, this is when the weather has the most impact on us. This is the peak of the hurricane season and when the weather cools off and the Northwinds begin to blow the leaves off the trees.

Another thing that has happened is that this cooling off has also been slow at times and I can think of 2 examples of when the really chilly weather didn’t settle in until November. In 1994 it was a rather warm fall, with no sign of a snowflake until late November, dew to it not going below freezing or the hi temperatures not going below 10°C.

In 2007 it was a similar type of fall season but it was even warmer, with a hi of 32°C being reached on Canadian Thanksgiving Monday. After that the weather didn’t cooldown much until very late October and didn’t go below freezing until November. I know that because some friends of mine were still having barbecues even as late as around October 20 and this was in southern Ontario Canada. In fact, everything I mention here has happened where I live, in the GTA in Ontario Canada.

I don’t think this year will be as warm a fall but I also don’t think we will be in winter clothes by early November like last year. I will be monitoring both my Weather Radio and weather apps on my iPhone for the latest in weather, in and around where I live. I may even check up on other places, just to feed my curiosity on which place is the warmest or coldest on a single day.

Well, that’s about it for today. Talk to you on Simpsons Sunday.

2015, The Summer Of Summer Severe Weather Disappointment

Hi folks. On this Weather Wednesday I’m going to talk about how much of a bust, this summer has been for severe weather outbreaks here in Southern Ontario. This is despite that we have had periods where we have gone above 30 degrees c for a few days.

The only real true outbreak that occurred in the summer months was on August 1, when there were quite a few thunderstorm clusters that went through Southern Ontario that day. Otherwise, it has been rather quiet and the end of summer severe weather blowout hasn’t happened yet. Well, that happens every year or so and there is no real guarantee that the weather will be active before the fall sets in and the weather begins to cool off.

The first real outbreak of severe weather in Southern Ontario happened on June 10th and I wrote a post about that earlier this year, from the Weatheradio point of view. The next one happened on June 23rd and it went through the evening of the 22nd and lasted until early in the morning of the 23rd. I posted an entry about that too and how it screwed up my schedule for that day. This one was also the first of the few real outbreaks that happened in the summer of 2015 and unfortunately it was also nocturnal.

Another reason for me to be disappointed on the lack of watches and warnings throughout Southern Ontario and in particular Toronto, is that I have downloaded and purchased more weather alert apps that I wanted, for the purpose of keeping myself abreast of the latest weather alerts happening in and around me, without having to rely solely on my Weather Radio to keep me up to date while out of the house.

As the weather gets cooler and eventually cold enough for snow, I’m sure that my apps will be making my phone make noise so I am aware of the latest severe weather on the way. I am looking forward to the next few months of changing weather but I am not looking forward to the cool down and freeze.

Well, that’s about it for today. I’ll talk to you soon.