Monthly Archives: July 2016


Hi folks. As you know, I am an iPhone and iPod Touch user and I update the iOS software when it is issued, no matter what. With iOS10 there is something I have been rather unhappy about and that is that the iPod Touch 5th Generation will not be compatible with the new update in the fall.
I bring this up because I am a rare breed in that I need a lot of space for my music and video collection I have acquired from iTunes in the past couple of years. This will also cost money to fix this problem and well, I am not happy that the iPod Touch 5th Generation is not included. I have 3 of them, with lots of space left over for my own reasons.
Will Apple please reverse their decision and allow the iPod Touch 5th generation to work for iOS10? This will probably hurt not just me but others as well, who may not have gone out and bought the latest generation. I actually have one but I reserve it for my Simpsons episodes only and now, I have to go out and buy another one? I don’t mind it if I can afford to do this but I can’t just go out and buy it. like I buy food.
Also, what is going to happen with iTunes when I try to use it with the older update after iOS10? Will I even be able to purchase music or videos for my now outdated iPod Touch 5th Generation? I can’t help but think of how long it will take to download an entire music library onto a 128 GB device, even at the Apple Store and their very good Wifi.
Well, that is about it for today’s post. I’m sorry but that is all I can think of right now.